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I am the only one in this world, who predicted NEPSE crash

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Registered: Oct 2013
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गभर्नर डा. चिरञ्जीबी नेपालको कार्यकाल समीक्षा: कठिन परिस्थितिमा पनि ऐतिहासिक काम

should I laugh or kill myself?

I, I the only one who Predicted, made correct analysis in the entire universe going to say this-

"Chirinjivi Nepal, is the biggest curse in the history of monitory policy".

Last for year was suppose to be the best, golden time in the history of Nepal. Before yuraj k, He is the main who destroyed Nepal through monitory policy, blackmailing and corruption.

Corruption- he came into power through corruption and he lest criminals like NICA, Global destroy capital market.

Last for year was suppose to be the best years in the history of Nepal, but Nepal suffered not just liquidity crisis but also interest rate crisis.

Before yuraj k came into power, chirinjivi been destroying Nepal for first two year.

He was too incompetent to solve liquidity crisis. But, interest crisis was all his doing. He forced Bfis to give 13/14% on FD. Only country suffering from economic crisis have such a high rate, but NRB forced BFIs into 13/14% fd rate.

Chirinjivi Nepal single handedly destroyed share market. He made monitory policy just to crash the market. And during his final year, he tried to save share market but could not.

Many criminals tried to crash share marked when it made record. But could not and they used chirinjivi nepal to crash share market through monitory policy and since then share market still could not gain confidence back.

He became governor with the black money of some banker, and later he kept on attacking banks. Kept on destroying banks with every monitory policy he read.

But never punished banks like NICA for their crime which destroyed not just capital market, but also share market.

Sati ko sarap.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 4795
You are right Meroprofit ji, but we have to compare. Last year due to liquidity crisis, interest rate NEPSE crashed to 1200.

Today, profit is higher, interest is 1.5-.5% lower and bfis have been giving little margin loans, other loans too (last year, they totally stopped, at least margin loan).

Thing have got better buy fear has got worse.

Last year, some low life was talking about 1200, and market did fall to 1200, and only reason it fell to 1200 was the psychological mark "1200" and as soon as it touched 1200, it climbed back to 1400 with in a few days.

this time a few low life is talking about 900/1000, I think, that mark is effecting NEPSE far more than real TA.

One thing, today's low life TAs should remember, last year, the low life who talked about 1200, NEPSE did fall to 1200, but that low life is no where to be found, his prediction did not make him hero today.

So today's TA should forget about taking advantage from their stunt financially in future, if they are doing this just to market their service.
Registered: Apr 2016
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in foreign countries people pay for TA but in nepal we are getting free of cost....................
in foreign countries we can get chief guest but in nepal we get cheap guest................
ahile ko crash pani cheap haru le garda nai ho
Registered: Dec 2017
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Rising ji, fundamentally speaking, liquidity crunch, high interest rates are playing villian rather than TAs.
Plus, the earnings of banking sector which is the bellwether of NEPSE, is affected most by liquidity crisis.
I think market is discounting the slow or negligent earnings growth coming forward in next 2-3 quarters.
TAs are going with the flow and starting to believe they are Superior than market itself.
Anyway, markets are made of different opinions, lets listen every one.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 4795
I am the only one in the entire UNIVERSE who predicted NEPSE crash while NEPSE was still close to the record.

Just like TA, I said (if this happens then, if that happens then...).

When NRB put pressure on margin loan, I said, "there is no fundamental need for NEPSE to crash, but if govt ignores and there starts margin call, no one will be able to control NEPSE crash". (I tried to search for my older post but could not in sharesansar forum).

That time, I never expected bureaucrats, politician, so called expert, media, big investors to be this dumb and criminals. So I never prepared for the worst case scenario.

I always consider majority in crowd to be dumb but never expected them to be this dumb. I never expected dumb investor to sell their wealth at half or 1/3 the worth. (i always say, always expect the unexpected but saying and doing turned out to be totally different).

I know, when people needs money, they have to sell at any price, but most of those sellers are not selling cause they need money.

Hope family member dies of bureaucrats behind NEPSE crash. God tend to punish sinners by killing their children, by making them drug addict, we know examples.

Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 4795
Now 1226 has been breached.

What is the difference between those TA who say NEPSE will crash to 1000 and those twate who say NEPSE will crash to 500/600?

- One thinks he got power from book and another thinks he got divine power from alcohol.

It would be a great show, if we put then together and let them debate the reason behind the crash. I am sure, the drunk one will debate with louder voice and with far more confidence.

When will TA realize, NEPSE is crashing cause its crashing not cause of TA. When TA says any positive thing, it hardly has happened and still say, I told you so.

But cause of TA, investors has become nervous.

Investors are not listening to TA and selling their share, but Investors are also not buying cause of the TA's fear being spread.

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