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राइजिङ्ग सरकाे प्रस्तुति एकदमै राम्राे र सहज छ । एक जनाकाे अाम्दानी अर्काेकाे खर्चबाट भइरहेकाे हुन्छ, Productive र Unproductive काे विवाद किन । अर्थतन्त्र त्यसरी नै चलायमान भइरहेकाे हुन्छ । सेयर बजारमा सबै Sector हरु समेट्ने गरी सकेसम्म बढी कम्पनीहरुकाे काराेवार र हस्तान्तरण हुने व्यवस्थाबाट सरकारले अर्वाै रुपयाँ कमाउन सक्थ्याे । NCELL कै उदाहरणमा हेर्दा नेपालीबाट नेपालीमा र विदेशीहरुलाइ सेयर हस्तान्तरण अपत्यारिलाे मूल्यमा र लाभकर छल्ने उद्देश्यबाट भए गरेकाे देखिन्छ । सरकारले नियमन क्षमता बढाउने, सबै Sector हरुमा नियमन गर्ने संस्था बनाउने र सकेसम्म सबै कम्पनीहरुलाइ Stock Exchange मा सुचिकृत गर्नु पर्दछ, जसबाट देशकाे अार्थिक अवस्थाकाे एेना Share Market बन्न सक्दछ । अन्य देशहरुमा Share Market हेरेर नै देशकाे अवस्था मूल्याङ्कन गर्ने गरिन्छ, Share Market मा ठूलाे उतार चढाव अाउने वित्तिकै सरकारले सम्बाेधन गर्ने गर्दछ । नेपालमा Share Market लाइ चलखेल गर्ने थलाे बाट कहिले परिवर्तन गरिने हाे खै ।
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Lol.sahi ho rising ni productive ra unproductive sector ma gare ka hun jasto xa.jata gayo tetai nara lagaune.
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अफि्कन मुलुक ईथियोपिया र रुवाण्डाको Index कति रहेछ ?कसैलाई जानकारि छ कि हजुर ?उत्शुकता जाग्यो सर ।
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Dami yeslai facebook ma post garnu parchha...
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Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada- Cement factory is productive sector.

Student- Exactly sir, Invest in cement industry, produce cement, then public buys cement and builds house, and creates job, all good and nothing but good.

Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada- Wait right there. I did not say, building house is good. Housing sector is unproductive.

Student- You mean producing cement is good but, buying cement to build house is bad.

Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada- Exactly.

Student- Then, What to do with the cement.

Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada- Build dam, and provide irrigation.

Student- Nice. With irrigation, farmer will produce alu, which we can purchase at cheaper rate and feed ourselves and run economy.

Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada- Wait a minute, when did I say, buying alu is productive. Only selling is productive, not buying.

Student- Then what to do with alu, sir.

Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada- We export alu. Export is productive.

Student- Sir, you are a genus. We sell alu to other country and buy cloth from them.

Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada- Why are you keeping on adding to what I say. I said export is good, I did not say Import is productive. Import is unproductive sector.

Student- If we dont buy their product, then how can we make them buy our product.

Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada- That is not our problem, that is the problem of diplomats.

Student- If buying is unproductive then what do we eat, where do we sleep, what do we wear.

Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada- Govt should provide all to public for free. Distributing free stuff is productive.

Student- I already love communism sir. If there is communism, we can have as many wives, children as we can.


Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada University Of Economics 101. :mrgreen:
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Months before election, when Oli formed a team involving Yuraj K, that made me happy, he has good knowledge. But when Oli made him Finance minister, I was confused- khusi, dar akai choti bhyo.

Quality in advise- good knowledge in certain area.

Quality in FM/CEO/Decision maker- person with best knowledge among individual who has positive attitude.

Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada has bad attitude, stubborn and good knowledge in same area but flaw knowledge in other area. Which is bad quality in decision maker. No body has all the knowledge required, so he need to rely on other in other area. Would Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada listen to other in area which he has no knowledge, If yes, can he identify which suggestions are good and which are not.

In nepal every body is expert, especially media. and media is very dangerous and dumb and manipulative. Media has been saying there is no liquidity crisis.

Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada, has good knowledge. when many where saying there is no liquidity crisis, he accepted liquidity crisis. But he is not good enough, so he could not see, liquidity crisis is a big crisis and should be dealt like some kind of emergency.

Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada, cant even see that share market and investment is same. He wants to bring investment from all over the world, wants private sector to invest but he cant see, share market is where we invest.

I liked Oli cause of his attitude, not cause of his ability.

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yo sharesansar ma mann parney manchey rising sir..
rajnitik placement bata kaam garney manchhey kahiley ramro garna sagdaina as a employee. kasai ko naam aaunchha tapai haru lai bhanney bhannu hola. malai yuvraj k ramro lagthidaina but rising sir ko anusar best FM ho yubraj k in history of nepal
jaba share ko price and nepse badna thalchha hami sabko best hunchha yubraj aaune din ma

mero anusar.. padhey likheyra hira (yubraj k) hunu bhanda hilo ma phulney kamal (KP oli) hunu besh.
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Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada- Investment is good but Share market is unproductive.

Student- Does that mean, One starting chicken farming with one chicken is good but if we collect investment from 1000 shareholder and farm 1000 chickens would be unproductive?

Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada- Very close

Student- Wont raising 1000 chicken would be more cost effective than raising one chicken?

Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada- Who is the professor here, you or me?? All I said is you cant issue share. 1000 can come together and invest.

Student- Then how do we gather 1000 investor, without issuing share by listing company, Why would any body trust us?

Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada- Gather your friends, your friends's friends.

Student- But all my friends are hobos, they only have money to buy rakshi, and I only have 5 friends.

Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada- That's your problem. Just cause you need investment does not mean issuing share becomes productive sector. Investing in chicken is productive, investing in share is unproductive. Does share lays you egg, no, but chicken does. SO CHICKEN IS PRODUCTIVE, SHARE IS UNPRODUCTIVE.

Student- Is not share another name of investment?

Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada- Dont you try to teach mean. I studied multiple subject, I worked at NRB, I worked for UNDP, you are just a student.

Student- What if I have to sell my share?

Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada- I told you, share is bad. You can sell your part of investment though.

Student- Who do I sell? If I try to sell to other partners, they may try to buy my investment at cheap, they many not have money to buy? Dont you think, If we register the company and list share, I can offer my share to all public? And I could get the right price for Share.

Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada- I told you share is bad. If you dont like what your friend has to offer, take your chicken along with you.

Student- I dont have time to raise a chicken. And I am a vegan.

Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada- I dont have solution to all your problem.

Student- There is already the solution, issue share.

Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada- If you say share again, if I will rusticate you without returning your fee and deposit.

Student- You cant do whatever you want.

Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada- Yes I can, I am god, media made me god.
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Dr.Yubaraj Khatiwada- My university doesnt discriminate anyone by their color, sex, age, financial position :P

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