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- कोभिड-१९ का कारण वैदेशिक व्यापारमा आएको संकुचनले व्यापार घाटा घटे पनि अर्थमन्त्री खतिवडाले आफ्नो कार्यकालको उपलब्धि मानेका छन्

- एक दशकमा आयातको वृद्धि वार्षिक औसत २० प्रतिशत रहेकामा पछिल्ला तीन वर्षमा सुधार आउँदै औसत ७.९ प्रतिशत मात्रै बढेको छ,' उनले मन्त्रिपरिषद्मा भने, 'यसबाट आयात प्रतिस्थापन हुँदै गएको प्रस्ट हुन्छ
That is cause of poverty and economic problem

- आयातमा कमी र निर्यातको वृद्धिले व्यापार घाटा कम भएको उनको भनाइ छ
Those are cause of poverty, palm oil, IndianVirus, economic problem

- कोरा आर्थिक तथ्यांकसँग मतलब नराख्ने आमनागरिकको जीवनस्तरमा अर्थमन्त्री खतिवडाको विज्ञताले कुनै प्रभाव नपारेको भन्ने विषयमा समेत उनले प्रतिरक्षा गरे
वर्तमान सरकारको कार्यकालमा शिक्षा, स्वास्थ्य, सामाजिक सुरक्षालगायत क्षेत्रमा गरिएको लगानीको सूचकमा राम्रो प्रतिफल हासिल हुन थालेको छ,' उनको दाबी छ
Is that why many wanted KP Oli dead including taxi drivers?

- नागरिकको औसत आयु वृद्धि भइरहेको छ
All in 2.5 year??? It had been improving for year. This is how yuraj k been fooling idiots.

- दुई वर्ष ६ महिनाको अवधिमा मात्र विद्युत् उत्पादन ३० प्रतिशतले वृद्धि भई १०३१ मेगावाटबाट १३९७ मेगावाट पुगेको छ
So tapare pakhe is so great, hydro projects began to complete in 2.5 year which used to take 5/10 year. Tamakoshi still not completed in more than 10 year.

- आफ्नो कार्यकालमा ब्याजदर नियन्त्रण भएको र कम दरमा समेत रहेको खतिवडाले बताए
It is cause of economic crash, IndianVirus. Is yuraj k Indian Virus???? He is worst. I did predicted years ago how interest rate and liquidity crisis will end due to economic problem.

- आफ्नो कार्यकालमा निकै निराशाजनक रहेको सेयर बजारबारे भने उनले धेरै चर्चा गरेका छैनन्
सेयर बजार सुधारोन्मुख एवं गतिशील बनेको छ
You destroyed share market for about two year, then tried to help it but could not, and finally life was about to be seen in the share market, IndianVirus entered. I felt, if yuraj k had stayed for 5 year, he would have become problem for share market again.

- आफ्नो कार्यकालमा बजेट प्रणालीको विश्वसनीयता कायम गर्न सकेको भन्दै कुल वैदेशिक सहायताको ३० प्रतिशत रकम बजेटरी सहायताका रूपमा प्राप्त भएको उनको दाबी छ
वैदेशिक अनुदानतर्फ ९१ अर्ब र ऋणतर्फ ४ खर्ब १ अर्ब गरी ४ खर्ब ९२ अर्ब विकास सहायता प्रतिबद्धता प्राप्त भएको तथ्यांक उनले प्रस्तुत गरे
CIA wants to sell dollar they print to countries and yuraj k is their sells agent.

- व्यक्तिगत अभीष्टका लागि केही गरिनँ
nicasia group destroyed banking sector and economy and country and they still got three medal. and there are corruptions allegations linked with them and yuraj k.

One thing is great about yuraj k, He is a great in fooling dumbs and uneducated 8classe 10classe
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Yuraj k were able to fool almost all (not me) for his whole life of being economic expert, being clean but exposed himself just before death.

He was tough on tax payers but ignored corruption on money he sent. He made world believe all commie, socialist are same. If you look around, all commie hate hard working but loves to give away money they did not earn belonged to someone else.

Why Kp Oli liked him so much? Probably, inferiority complex.

1: Kp oli is 8class pass where as yuraj k is Phd and international top bureaucrat. When international top bureaucrat with Phd licks his boot, 8classe must feel himself to be triple Phd. Person whom many considered as expert, biddwan licks boot of 8classe, 8classe must have thought himself above that dugg.

2: Yuraj k was able to fool many of being clean, and when that clean sends wildebeest (money/budget) to crocodile (Ko Olis men) waiting in the river with mouth open, who would not like that team of corrupts.

Brilliant mind never lick others boot, no boot licker is brilliant.
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(I predicted 25% of what happened during two and a half year of yuraj k under this topic) I am great or what?????? but cause of sati ko sarap, crowd wont call me biddwan, they think baburam and yruak k are biddwan. not my loss. My personal interest is increment of share market, rest is for humanity, country and fun. 8)

Everything. Not a single thing that went right.

----- Tax up means tax collection down, investment down, job creation down but since Nepal is a shit hole, all increment rate were down.

-- He had no knowledge about economy and whatever he thought he knew were all wrong. He thought it was govt's job to invest, create job so increased tax, tightened tax and just opposite happened. He started with the dangerous philosophy.

--- Minister is suppose to get thing done from other. But he is sarbagyani. He was suppose to gather experts but did opposite. He built a small group of yes men and micro managed. I suspect, NTC's dividend was declared late cause of him. He had no idea how to manage organization, administration. He brought back hukumi pratha, like panchyat cause he was mandale deep inside. His words was the law.

-- He was haram by birth. He leaked boot of powerful from ministers to foreign master but disrespected all other Nepalese. He was a wanna be DICKtator, and ended like a dictator and ended soon cause he did not have army to protect.

-- He was A hole. I think it was his defensive mechanism. Great example is share market. He said, some body showed him co relation between interest rate and share price and he thought he became share expert. Share market is not vast. I think, he knowledge about economy and everything else is also same. He considered himself as expert with very limited knowledge and rest did by is ghamanda- what is in his mind is right and rest is wrong.

-- He was NRB governor worked most of his life as NRB cadre but had no Idea what Cash is, how money is created. Check what Bank is in my other topic. Same thinking, he ran everything, without knowledge.

-- He thought opening stomach of gold egg laying goose would give you all the gold egg at once. He did not know, customer is the center of the economy, investor is in he middle and govt facilitator. He thought, govt is the center, and kill both customer and investor. So, now every body is dead including the govt cause of his mentality. And he is stubborn so I was not able to change govt's approach.

-- Idiot Kp Oli and yuraj k's former masters thought, yuraj k is their btch. But no, he works for CIA. CIA prints the money and to sell debt. Yuraj k was appointed to sell dollar in Nepal. Many countries in south america and turkey are suffering today cause of high dollar debt.

-- There are many other, which is not possible to remember while typing. He was never loyal to Nepal or communist party, just fooled kp oli and some other fools and stayed in power.

There many sarbagyani who think Yuraj k is expert economist but cause of bureaucracy politics he could do nothing nor any one could. I can. He could not cause, he did not know a thing about economy and he is a hole.

In my whole life I have never seen a finance minister who got to world so freely as yuraj k. During his first budget/year he did whatever he wanted to do (99% did as per his will), in second year/budget also he did as he wished (95%), in their year/budget again he was let to do what he wanted (75%).

What about bureaucracy- I have never seen bureaucracy so scared of finance minister, may be cause he was CIA asset. Never before, all NRB did was read memo send by a finance minister. And still mor0ns sarbagyani say bureaucracy dont let yuraj k work. You f face sarbagyane, shut the f up and focus on alcohol. afno aukat ma basare guff dinu. you are of of those problem Nepal is in shit. Idiot politicians hear voice of crowd and when crowd is dumb, shit happens.

Yuraj k just did not waste two and a half year, he reversed our progress. and cause of him, politicians may say, experts are no good.

I am the only one in the entire universe who successfully, almost all, predicted what happened during last two and a half year by analyzing his budget and attitude. I never believed in him but gave him 1% benefit till his first polity and program and after his first budget all over for me. During last 6/12 months, he acted different, but deep inside a haram there is always going to be living a haram. And he kept on exposing that haram time to time. He showed me haram when he said, yeti kamaya pugihalcha ne. Haram wont know he is haram.

मन्त्री खतिवडाद्वारा राजीनामा
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खतिवडाले मन्त्री क्वार्टर छाडे, शुक्रबार विदाई

two and a half year of terror.

Coming soon.............

what went wrong......

from yours truly.
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सहमतिमा मात्र राष्ट्रियसभा जाने अर्थमन्त्री खतिवडाको सन्देश

अर्थमन्त्री खतिवडाको व्यक्तिगत विचार भने विवाद बढी भएमा आफु राष्ट्रियसभामा नजाने भन्ने छ

Pure pakhe tapare. This is how they have been fooling idiots for every. If we went to save Nepal, tapare should be banned from govt and every major sector.

Pure tapare, when Oli was powerful, this tapare used to say, """ma yudda bata bhagdina"""""", now when Oli is weak he is saying "सहमतिमा मात्र राष्ट्रियसभा जाने अर्थमन्त्री खतिवडाको सन्देश""'.

On wonder this tapare pakhe had been in power for 15 year even after being total failure every time by fooling shah, koirala, uml, maoist now KP Oli.
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४ प्रतिशत आर्थिक वृद्धि गर्न नसकेर भाग्नेहरु अहिले सिकाउँदैछन् : अर्थमन्त्री

First of all, I did not like those bureaucrats about whom yuraj k is talking about. And cause of those, Nepal is a sh!thole.

In second, somebody tell yuraj k that he is comparing his GDP growth with GDP growth of the period which were suffering from maoist war, earthquake and blockade.

And by the way, yuraj k was involved in decision making during that time too.

Lastly, he had very little contribution (what ever there was, all were negative that is why growth was less) over GDP growth during his first year.

And he must have forgotten, before he became fiance minster, previous GDP growth was also around 7.
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बजेटको आकार घटाएर साढे ८ प्रतिशत आर्थिक बृद्धिदर हासिल गर्ने अर्थमन्त्री खतिवडाको दाबी :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

आयात कम हुँदा सोचेजति राजश्व उठाउन सकिँन: अर्थमन्त्री :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

somebody has become poorer during last two year?????

अर्थमन्त्री खतिवडाले भने-' विश्वका कुनै पनि अर्थमन्त्री गहिरो निन्द्रामा सुत्न सकेका छैनन्' :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Still trying to fool 8 classe and comreds????????

for his whole life he been fooling idiots but he was not exposed cause he had been in least exposed higher posts in the past, but this time :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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एक महिनाको ग्राफ हेरेर सेयर बजार र घर जग्गा शिथिल भन्नु मौसमी कुरा : अर्थमन्त्री

When country is ran by sick person, person in coma, someone else try to become malik.

when country was ran by sick, drunk shah, rana coup.

today, yuraj k, kp oli's advisers, police are behaving like malik.

All you have to do is fool kp oli who is 8 class pass, your job is secured.

एक महिनाको ग्राफ हेरेर सेयर बजार र घर जग्गा शिथिल भन्नु मौसमी कुरा : अर्थमन्त्री

does kp oli know, share market has been in great depression for last 4 year? And yuraj k is fooling with lies.

Does kp oli knows, yuraj k has been fooling him?

does kp oli know- fooling, lying are disrespecting?

what am i asking to 8 classe?

je hos, communsit are going sati with yuraj k. just like in rest of the world.

this is a country where police IGP gets bullet and the one replacing him licks boot of the one who shot the dead IGP, and some singer gets torture for cursing police.

look how sp of chitwan treated his malik who rate ghati of dead IGP and some police officials in gaur.

When the singer cursed the police, society went against the singer.

When the police started revenge, society has begun supporting the singer.

Wonder why?/????? think kp oli, tero bau ko ke jancha.
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So yuraj k has one crore investment in Janta Bank where his son used to work till a few days ago.

I heard Yuraj k gave license to open New Banks when he was the governor.

Which are those banks- cbl, ccbl, jbnl, mega...

CBL- belonged to UML.

JBNL- UML (and Yuraj k is the share holder, wonder if he invested in JBNL or got the shares for free?????)

MEGA- UML and other parties, all parties,


I heard, Yuraj k spend a lot of Nepal's resources to make politicians happy, including KP Oli.

As per one media, Yuraj k approached KP Oli main adviser to keep his finance minister job.

Yuraj k is a chattu bahun. He has always been the chattu bahun. He knows exactly know whose boot to lick. He licked boots of politicians, CIA, RAW, world bank, UNDP .......... That is who be stayed in power for so long, he has always been in power for 10/20 year.

Yuraj k has connections in Nepal and internationally, he has phd degree and when people like yuraj k licks boot of 8 class politicians, those 8 class politicians must think themselves to be superior than yuraj k kind, may be that is why they give powerful posts to people like yuraj k.

Yuraj k has always been licking boot of powerful and disrespect people.

pure bahun! he has always been.

And many thought, Yurak k been in power for so long due to his qualifications.
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सरकारलाई चालु आर्थिक वर्षमा राजस्वको लक्ष्य भेट्टाउन अब असम्भव हुने
कात्तिक मसान्तसम्ममा ३ खर्ब ३० अर्ब रुपैयाँ संकलन गर्ने लक्ष्य रहेकोमा २ खर्ब ५६ अर्ब रुपैयाँ मात्र संकलन भएको छ
राजस्व संकलन लक्ष्य अनुसार संकलन नभएमा सरकारले चालु खर्च चलाउनको लागि पनि ऋण लिनुपर्ने अवस्था आउन सक्ने अर्थविद्हरु बताउँछन्

So who is responsible for this ? Tax system have squeezed almost everything from the general public. Despite this reality GOV target is not meet.
Why should i bear loan on my head to pay salary to government karmachari and corrupt NETA ji ?
Now every NEPALESE must raise this question.
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म अलोकप्रिय बनेपनि देशलाई अफ्ठ्यारोमा पार्दिनँ : अर्थमन्त्री खतिवडा :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

so yuraj k thinks, people are hate him, cause country is doing great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yuraj k has wasted almost two year and still talk big.

Instead of result, real economy is into deeper and deeper recession.

This is sati ko sarap.

I have been predicting correctly and giving right advice and country does not take me seriously.

While yuraj k have been wrong one after another and he is called biddwan.

I think, yuraj k had said at least twice, aba share market bad cha but never even tried to enter positive territory. While, I am the only One who predicted current share market collapse about 4 year ago.

Yuraj k said during his first policy and program that country was in fiscal trouble and six month later, he said things are brought on track. He said, his first year will be tougher and from second year, thing will start to fly.

While, I said, His first year will look good due to previous year's work and second year will be worse.

I turned out to be right.

I have been correct dozens of times while yuraj k has been wrong almost always.

And he is the biddwan?

This is sati ko sarap.

मूर्खलाई बढि महत्त्व दिने मानिस सधै असफल

In the case of Nepali society, its the nepal society who has become failure for centuries cause they have given importance to idiots and distinctive mind like yuraj k, baburam bhatterai.

While ignoring me.

चाणक्य नीतिमा लेखिएको छ -
मूर्खा यत्र न पूज्यन्ते धान्य यत्र सुसंचितम्|
दंपतो: कलहो नास्ति तत्र श्री: स्वयमागता||

चाणक्य नीति ग्रंथको तेस्रो अध्यायको २१ औँ श्लोकमा यस्तो भनिएको छ
यस श्लोकमा चाणक्यले भनेका छन् जुन ठाउँमा मूर्खाको पूजा हुँदैन, केवल ज्ञानिलाई मात्र सम्मान गरिन्छ
ज्ञानिहरुको कुरालाई लागु गरिन्छ

जहाँ पैसा पर्याप्त मात्रामा भण्डार गरिएको छ (socialist and communist oppose it that is why, those society saw death of 100s of millions due to famine)
अन्नको एक दाना समेत व्यर्थमा फ्याँकिदैन
जुन घरमा श्रीमान्‌-श्रीमती बीच कुनै वाद विवाद हुँदैन
सबै प्रेमसहित बस्छन्
त्यहाँ देवी लक्ष्मी स्वयं आउँछिन्
यस्तो ठाउँमा सधै सुख र समृद्धि रहन्छ
यस्तो घरमा सुख र शान्ति व्याप्त छ (do you know, panchyat used to be a socialist, a pure socialist, like cuba and indian congress and communist are trying to bring back socialism and communism. which Nepal revolted against- panchyat)

जुन मानिस मूर्खहरूको पूजा गर्छ
मूर्खहरूलाई बढी महत्त्व दिन्छ
उसको सेवा गर्छ
त्यस्तो मानिस कहिल्यै सफल हुँदैनन्
सँधै दुखी रहन्छ
(so true, Nepal always considered idiots like yuraj k, baburam biddwan, idiot so called economic expert biddwan....... I mostly always opposed their view, while society supported them in the beginning- monitory policy, fiscal policy, budget----- while I opposed them.

Today I turned out to be correct. And still, Nepali society dont appreciate me, take me seriously. I am the only one in the universe who have been analyzing monitory and fiscal policy and no economist did. Finally data have come forward, even half of economists see it as bad and another half positive......... second half should kill themselves, dharti ko boj).

Yuraj k has wasted 2 precious year of ours, lets not let him speak.
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So Yuraj k has been fooling sick KP Oli and comrades not just by stating theory, but also using cherry picking examples:

1: share market is doing great, cause IPOs are being over subscribed. Hardly any hydro IPO has been fully subscribed (especially in time), just micro has been over subscribed.

2: export is up- its due to palm oil (i smell money laundering)

3: import is down cause it has been replaced by local supply like clinker. And due to tight regulation like energy juice- Only clinker has been replaced and even it was more than a year ago, so last quarter balance sheet is not effected by it. preventing import of energy juice, it it was a good move, N korea, Cuba would have been the greatest economy in the world.

चालु आर्थिक वर्षकाे पहिलाे तीन महिनामा शेयर लगानीकर्ताले एक खर्ब ४२ करोड गुमाए- yuraj k does not care, and KP Oli is in dream after taking over dose of drugs.
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'एउटा मान्छेका कारण सिङ्गो पार्टीनै डुब्ने अवस्था छ'

bau, not just party, but whole communist.

उनले अर्थमन्त्री खतिवडालाईनै इंग्गित गर्दै जंगबहादुरकै शैलीमा कर उठाउन खोजिएको समेत आरोप लगाए

मैले उहाँ (डा.खतिवडा) लाई भनेँ, ,'रातली यथार्थबाट प्रधानमन्त्रीज्यू पनि टाढा हुनुभयो, तपाईं त झन् धेरै टाढा, सखाप हुने गरी नै टाढा पुग्नु भयो|

I have been saying it since yuraj k's first budget. Even before that, I have been warning about chirinjivi nepal's, NRB's bad monitory policy for more than 3 year now.

हुँदा-हुँदा कर्मचारीतन्त्र र प्रशासनमा राजाकै शासनको पारा छ

I have been saying, yuraj k is a mandala. he wants to bring back mandala time, where bureaucracy used to be kings outside narayan hiti. and yuraj k is behaving very much same cause our KP Oli is sick and yuraj k has couped in economy of nepal. Just like ranas couped when there was drunk shah as a king.

I think, डा.सुवोध प्याकुरेल does not understand economics but he has experience and gets information and complain from others. I support 90% of what he has been saying.

And he sounds like pure commie, wants to increase tax on others but not on himself.

No country in the world prospered when there was communist and socialist. Russia came back after become capitalist and Moa had to die for China.
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I believe, I got the clear picture about Yuraj k's intention and plan for the economy.

The receipt for disaster. But since, his is the guest for 5 more month, so no more big damage will be done- those already not happened except for further crash of NEPSE, and more reason for death of communist from Nepal.

1: Nepal needs to invest X amount of money to have X percentage of growth. (as if, economy, economic growth is that simple).

2: Govt and privates sectors should invest 50/50. (he is too dumb to see what is the flaw in this)

I am going to analyse about above two plan of yuraj k tomorrow. Let all know, you analysis.

Regarding view about share market of yuraj k,

I think its all about jealousy of Yuraj k for his share investor friend. He keeps on talking how he made more money by depositing in FD while his friend lost money in share market.

I think he wants to destroy his friend. May be his friend is more successful in life as well as economically. has a better looking wife.

Yuraj k needs to die.

I warned about current crisis of economy and share market during monitory and budget years ago. Finally some are beginning to see the crisis and its bureaucracy and yuraj k who still have not seen it. And KP Oli is just 8 class pass who is surrounded by brain dead and being fooled by yuraj k and no one around KP Oli who can tell KP Oli that yuraj k has been fooling KP Oli.

All they had to ask Yuraj K is, if economy is doing so well,

-- Why have you changed secretaries twice in 18 month????

-- And why are business community, investors been complaining????

You dont need to be god of Economics to ask those questions.
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युवराज खतिवडाले जङ्गबहादुर शैलीमा कर उठाएको 'नेकपा सरकार' कै पदाधिकारीको आरोप

प्रदेश नम्बर १ योजना आयोगका उपाध्यक्ष सुवोधराज प्याकुरेलले राज्यले 'तँ मात्र कमाउने भनेर जङ्बहादुर पाराले' कर उठाएको आरोप लगाएका हुन्

--- Its true, Yuraj k cant tolerate intelligent, successful individual. That is why, he forced KP Oli appointed Think Tank Misra to resign, undermining KP Oli who appointed him as tike finance ministry.

But KP Oli is 8 classe, he would not understand complicated things. He cant even see, Nepal's economy could be in real depression or close to depression. If yuraj K stay in power for one more year, Nepal's economy will be in deep deep trouble.

तर के कर यसरी मात्र उठाएर हुन्छ त?उनले राज्यले ब्यवसायीलाई 'रेस्पोन्सिबल बिजनेस गर भन्ने तर योभन्दा बि नाफा लिनु हुँदैन भनेर रोक्ने' काम गरिरहेको समेत आरोप लगाए

------ Yuraj k thinks, people should not make more money than himself. He has 10s of crore of property. How did he accumulated all those money as a bureaucrat, who tells others not to invest. One or two year in UN job would not give him more than 1/2 crore salary.

'यसरी त हुँदैन| राज्यले जान्नु पर्यो नि देशका ससाना, मसिना समस्याहरु के के छन् भनेर,' उनले भने, 'तर राज्य सबैभन्दा ढिलो बुझ्ने संस्थाको नाम भएको छ|

-----Its true, I predicted economic problem, liquidity crisis, interest rate crisis, share market crisis well before those happened when they announced their policy.
So called expert, are beginning to see those problems after it already become big crisis.
and govt still has not noticed it.

मञ्चमा सुवोध बोलिरहँदा अर्थमन्त्री खतिवडा स्रोता बस्ने कुर्सीमा थिए
सुवोधले घुमाउरो पारामा जनताको मत नलिई अर्थमन्त्री भएका कारण खतिवडा अराजक ढङ्गले अगाडि बढेको संकेत गरेका थिए

----dube des dubcha. communist will be cleaned up in next election. khatauda ko bau ko ke jancha???

वाग्लेले सुवोधभन्दा अगाडि बोल्दै बलियो सरकारले जोखिम उठाएर कतिपय निर्णय गर्न सक्ने बताएका थिए
नलाई लक्षित गर्दै सुवोधले जनताको एउटा उदाहरण प्रस्तुत गरे
२०५३ सालपछि रक्तपातपूर्ण अवस्था सृजना भयो
त्यसले गर्दा कम हुनेखानेले छोराछोरी सदरमूकाम पठाए
बढी हुने खानेले काठमाडौं पठाए

---- when there is crisis, its always khate class dies. Rich will leave. those who take brida bhatta, and other freebees will die. and when commie/socialist increase bhatta, free stuff....... nepal will turn into Venezuela- hyper inflation
Yuraj k thinks he is punishing rich and intelligent, but its poor who are going to die.

just like in share market, its small investors are dying not rich. rich are trying to crash share market just like yuraj k wants.

प्यानलिस्टहरुले बोलेपछि उद्घाटन भाषण गर्न खतिवडाले मञ्च पाएका थिए
तर उनले सुवोधले लगाएको आरोप बारे केही पनि प्रतिकृया दिएनन्

तत्काल प्रतिकृया दिने स्वभावका खतिवडाले दीगो विकास लक्ष्यका बारेमा 'क्लास' लिए

---- yuraj k is a chakka. he knows whom to disrespect and whose boot to lick. yuraj k bullies people, make a fool out of idiot politicians like KP Oli and other samsad who questioned his actions but unable to counter his answer

subod pakhurel is a politician and an educated one. connected with KP Oli and top NPC leader.

after yuraj k is fired from finance minister, he will be exposed by many who are currently working with him. every body hates him.
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बैंकलाई ब्रोकर लाईसेन्स रोक्ने आशय सहित संसदको अर्थ समितिले बनायो उपसमिति ............. led by bharia, gunda who has no idea what S of Share and What E of Economics and who has conflict of interest.

She was already anti giving brokerage to Banks, who gave her what??? When lakhs support it, but when handful gives bribe to criminal politician...... those criminals have upper hand.
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बैंकलाई ब्रोकर लाईसेन्स रोक्ने आशय सहित संसदको अर्थ समितिले बनायो उपसमिति
Finally, they are successful to procrastinate the possibility of general public getting brokerage service at there doorstep just like "WHITE (BETTER TO CALL IT BLACK) BODY chhanbin samiti"
DAUD AND BEKARKI r great along with there GOD FATHER.

What are investors NETA ji doing nowadays, ploughing there paddy field?

"O Neta ji, bhasan dherai thoknu bho
Investors lai sukayera, masti garnu bho"
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गृह सचिवको प्रस्ताव : अब सुरक्षा कर लिऔं

pakhe yuraj k already likes this pakhe.

I suggest pakhe yuraj k to impose tax on his daddy, every time his pakhe daddy fks his pakhine mummy. :mrgreen:
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Mathematically we are still in loss by 16.67%
OK smiley added :D :D :D
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:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

you should have added smiley :lol:
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Last year CGT increased by 50% i,e 7.5 from 5.
This year CGT reduce by 33.33% i,e 5 from 7.5.
Find the difference
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The Greatest thing about this budget for share market:

Last year, Yuraj k increased a lot of tax on many things including share market. This time, he decreased those increased tax only in handful area and one of them is share market.

Does this mean, they have realized the importance of share market???? Who knows?

For whole year, I have been trying to connect importance of share market in the society, economy?

One of major thing I tried to convince so called economic expert and wanna be economic expert in Nepal about "co relation between share/wealth with investment/consumption".

I said, "when people loose 1000 arab in wealth/share, there wont be much investment, consumption or confidence". And also send bad example to foreign investors too.

Did yuraj k learned it??

He should have decreased 5% tax on all kind of income. It would have reduced direct tax around 7.5billion but increased tax indirectly by many many times.

He missed the opportunity.
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congratulations yuraj k, people have decided to make you finance minister for life :mrgreen:
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Fundations are gradually being made for bull run :
* Opening Nepali stock market for foreniers
* Big merger of banks and FI is seen conformed
* Because of big merger share supply will cut and interest rate stablize
* Investment can be chanalized towards stock market c`s of Biplop
* FM seems to have realized the role of stock market for investment

We all can see miracle form Srawan onwards---
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