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Russian defense minister said: They are going to end the war by 2025. (boom boom soon or negotiation??)

Western media have began to spread negativity of India.

Fun fact: 99% of Western negative propaganda regarding Russia and China are either lies or exaggerated by many many times. But, negative truth of India is far worse than those lies and exaggeration.

Can you spy on a phone when it is turned off?

- If you dont know, you are dumb.

Did you know that USA not only spies on every single Japanese but also has a 'sleeper program" or a "kill switch" for entire Japan?

If Japan asks US military to leave, US can destroy their entire digital infrastructure plus dams, power grid, hospitals etc.- Snowden

-- Same everywhere, except for Russia, China, N korea, Iran etc. Even in Nepal, that is why they are preventing Nepal from getting Chinese technology.

Shocking allegation by Pulitzer-winning Seymour Hersh:

When German chancellor Schulz was at the White House in February last year - 2 weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine - he was told by Biden that the U.S. will blow up Nord Stream pipeline!
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Seems like US is squeezing India slowly.

We shall find out soon, how much Modi is going to surrender in front of US by India's action and talk. For last some years- Modi has already handed over- internet, IT, finance, trading, probably land (that is what land reform was about) etc.

India will pay a big price for sanctioning China.

(Nepal needs to revive economy asap, make trade deals with China asap, become trading bridge between China and India asap- can finance minister, PM hear????)
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Canada accused Indian Govt (modi) of killing Canadian in Canada.

India been killing Nepalese in Nepal.

Will NATO go after India like they been going after Russia, Iran, China etc? May be no, but hope so.

India has zero chance against NATO. NATO can easily destroy India without wasting a bullet. India is completely dependent upon NATO. India will pay big for disrespecting China.

Unlike Russia, China, Iran ... India has zero friend and their are in fake alliance with those (west) who want to destroy them just cause they exist.

As for Nepal: Only Nepal or India can survive. If there is India, Nepal wont survive. What should we do .........
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US compromised in G20 cause of Russia and China and BRICS+.

They were worried G20 would be irrelevant and rest of the world would ignore US.

And Indians and idiots in Nepal think, it's outcome is India's skill.
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I am too lazy to study and write the history in detail. Watch the whole video below to understand Ukraine war:

95% said in the video, I have already known. And I know many times more details than what is in the video.

Color Revolution and subterfuge coming to Indonesia.

CIA front organizations - NED and IRI - have been funding opposition parties and "NGOs" to stop the current trend of Indonesian politics under Jokowi, who embraces strategic autonomy.

While US establishment assiduously sticks to the word "allies", geopolitical guru Brzezinski used the correct term -- "vassals" -- throughout his famous book.

The book is titled, "The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives."
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Few months back, I read, IT guys in Nepal are writing names of places on Beidou's satellite map. May be, Beidou's satellite communication will come to Nepal soon.

Musk's Satellite internet needs a big disc while Huawei's tiny phone can communicate with satellite. Wonder how big is the communication technological gap between two countries?

US' 5G comes from Nokia while Huawei is the first to lunch 5G.

I wonder, If Huawei's phone with satellite communication is a first stage of using 6G???? Year or two back, Huawei launched some satellites to test their 6G communication. It could be possible that 6G is space/satellite based technology.
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Satellite messaging is exclusively within China thru BeiDou, not beyond its boundry. Price is a bit high considering its brand value.
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(Reuters) - Huawei Technologies and China's top chipmaker SMIC have built an advanced 7-nanometer processor to power its latest smartphone, according to a teardown report by analysis firm TechInsights.

Huawei's Mate 60 Pro is powered by a new Kirin 9000s chip that was made in China by Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC), TechInsights said in the report shared with Reuters on Monday.

Huawei started selling its Mate 60 Pro phone last week. The specifications provided advertised its ability to make satellite calls, but offered no information on the power of the chipset inside.
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Many countries head of state visiting BRICS summit. Which means, they will be accepted as member. Most may join only sub group.

For years, Indian been telling their people and idiots in Nepal that everybody hates China, China has no friend. Now at the time of BRICS expansion, India is saying- all are Chinese allies so India should oppose expansion. Years of propaganda has gone in vain.

Even after threat from US and some western country, a lot of countries applied to join BRICS. I believe, they want to join BRICS for protection. Protection from unilateral sanction.

BRICS is loose economic and financial alliance. Soon they will add technical.
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BRICS summit starting from tomorrow.

Big decisions from BRICS may closer NWO. If India creates problem India should be kicked out from BRICS and SCO. Without BRICS and SCO, India would lose bargaining power, or should I say blackmailing power infront of west/USA.

सेयर बजार उकास्ने चिनियाँ रणनीति : कारोबार अवधि बढाउनेदेखि दीर्घकालीन लगानी प्रोत्साहन गर्नेसम्मका कार्यक्रम घोषणा

चीनमा ब्याजदर हालसम्मकै न्यून स्तरमा, ३ महिना दोस्रोपटक कटौती, अर्थतन्त्र गतिशील बनाउने प्रयास

- How is your Chinese brand of Socialism going XI? China's fate changed after China entered capitalism system. If they keep on saying 'chinese brand of socialism' they will get truly a socialist leaders in power who would try to implement socialist values ......... and then Chinese economy will collapse over night which will lead to revolution.

Be careful, propaganda is double edge sword.

James Woods Threatens to Leave X (Twitter), Elon Musk Responds: 'Delete Your Account'

There are business and people (musician, actors etc) who have lost followers, clients after such statement. Engineers should not be running a business, CEO/MBA should.

Looks like Musk dont understand social media. He wants to charge social media user :mrgreen:

Musk seems nothing more than a con artist, look at his famil gene pool- his crazy model mother and pedo fruad father. And the Musk himself.

"The best way to destabilize China would be for the CIA to foment unrest with Uyghur separatists"

-- Col. Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell.

He also talks about using Afghanistan as a base to stop China's Belt and Road Initiative.

In the late 1990s, CIA geopolitical mastermind Graham Fuller wrote a paper called the "Xinjiang Problem," where he states that, at the right moment, the US will stoke separatism among Uyghurs to destabilize and contain China.

This has been planned for a long time.

Here's South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem visiting San Francisco in 1957.

Six years later, on Nov 2nd 1963, he assassinated in a coup that was supported by the US.

And guess what, a few days later JFK was murdered as well,

Had to remove the obstacles for a big war.

- History repeating, today we have ukraine war- due to 2014 coup in Ukraine or war followed 2014 coup.

- Birendra was kill and activity post killing (any connection. I never like Birendra, fyi)

John Solomon calls Joe Biden's Secret Global Phone..

BIDEN answers.. Quickly HANGS UP..

- Do you know, almost all in the west support war and all of them are corrupt or have skeleton in their closet.
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How evil is AngloZoo???

While Polish was an ally and working with anglozoo, Ukrainian nazi genocide Police and while genocide was on going, anglozoo was working with ukrainian nazi, gave shelter to ukrainian nazi.

And still there are idiots who believe in anglozoo- indian, ukranian, european, s korea, japan, philippines etc etc and many knowall Nepalese.

Genocide is part of the strategy of AngloZoo. AngloZoo should be stopped once and for all and end never ending genocide.
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Classified Cable reported by Intercept confirm Imran Khan's claim last yr US pressured his overthrow as PM.

State Dept response:
- Conversation never happened
- then said Lu {vet cong ho} met w/them but not to pressure (european ruled parts of asia with the help of locals. european killed many asians with the help of asian hos. many of them are indians and east asians. there are many in nepal who are helping whites and indians against nepal and nepalese. those should all be eradicated.)
- now-Cables don't prove US pressured them (they do)

"If Imran Khan is removed, all will be forgiven. Else, it will be tough going ahead.

How the US empire staged a coup in Pakistan.

Does the UN have the balls to condemn or sanction the USA for such blatant meddling?
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US freezes $26-m fund transfers by Indian diamantaires

And India is the one who oppose BRICS currency.

BRICS meeting coming closer. Many threats must have already been issued secretly.

Al-Qaeda fighters attacked Wagner Group units on the border of Mali and Niger

This is reported by the "Military Observer". At 00:00, the term of the ultimatum for the rebel government will end, which may mean the beginning of a military invasion of the country by the Armed Forces of the West African powers.

LULA: "The {BRICS} bank is there to help save countries and not help sink countries, which the IMF often does."

"I am of the opinion that as many countries want to enter, if they are in compliance with the rules, we will accept the countries' entrance."

"Why does Brazil need the dollar to trade with China?"
Registered: Oct 2013
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Scary fact I just heard in social media from black americans about Niger:

1: Niger (probably other west africa too)- has to offer France their resources first before selling to others. Even after that, they have to take permission from France first to sell to others.

2: Niger still use dead French Frank.
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RFK Jr. reveals the Biden administration denied his request for Secret Service protection after 88-days of no response.

"Since the assassination of my father in 1968, candidates for president are provided Secret Service protection. But not me," RFK Jr. said.

(Why fake news in Nepal dont publish this????)
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Western media/social media banned people from talking about hunter biden's crime for a few year.

Now, hunter has pleaded 'guilty' and still there are 'many educated idiots who still follow fake news' especially in Nepal.

Ask, why fake news in Nepal not covering this story? Everything in Nepal is ran by foreign dalal and criminals.
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तस्करीको एक क्विन्टल सुन मेरो होइन: दिपक मल्होत्रा
तर राजश्व अनुसन्धान भन्छ-'बरामद सुन मल्होत्राकै हो'

A lot of women/girls from media are gold diggers and marrying into well known criminal family during last decade or more.

Aba miss nepal ko ke huncha. And what about others when their sasura and sasu go to jail :'(

So many girls are marrying into well known criminal family.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Nepal repeatedly ignored efforts to launch direct flights to Pokhara, says Qatari envoy

During a farewell call on National Assembly chair, the ambassador says there are no hindrances in operating regular flights to Pokhara and Bhairahawa.

-- Indian assets in bureaucracy and political party behind????? We can read regularly- in dalal media saying- those airports are white elephant cause they are built by Chinese. Too many MF in Nepal and rest are too dumb to respond.

Russia offering to build more than a dozen projects in Nepal. During MCC- pro mcc said called anti mcc 'empty nationalist' for opposing MCC, where are they in Russian offer?

Are those pro MCC just dalal of embassy and/or those looking for visa????
Registered: Oct 2013
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CNN makes shocking pivot and is actually now reporting on the whistleblower's claims that the Department of Justice conducted a cover up operation for Hunter Biden.

Putin holds up a peace agreement that Ukraine & Russia signed over a YEAR ago, in spring 2022.

US 'intentionally released Covid virus in Wuhan' EU summit told'intentionally-released-Covid-virus-in-Wuhan'-EU-summit-told

former Prime Minister of France (2007-2012) explains during a recent audition at the French National Assembly that the large majority of foreign interference in France is committed by the Americans.

rapprochement is happening in lighting speed, why?
Media from Taiwan and China reported that after shared intelligence, they found out attacks they thought were conducted by the other side were wrong, someone else was behind them

The Arabs rise up:

According to classified documents leaked on Discord, when US President Joe Biden vowed to impose consequences on Saudi Arabia for slashing oil production last year, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman reportedly threatened to sever ties and inflict major economic pain against the United States in retaliation.

Is this why US Secretary of State made a desperate trip to Saudi Arabia trying to mend ties to make up for arrogant hegemonic bullying?

After WWII, the nazis were recycled and brought into the CIA.
The CIA has been developing fascist assets in Ukraine for 70 years.
The CIA has had a station in Ukraine since 1948 with operations directed against first the Soviet Union & then Russia.

Repeated COVID-19 Vaccination Weakens Immune System: Study

(I told you so)

Soros outlined how Eastern Europeans could be used as the "manpower" in coming conflicts in an effort to reduce the number of deaths in Western countries, which Soros argues the West would not politically tolerate, unlike the east of Europe.

Summary of the Durham report :

"The President of the United States was falsely accused of being a foreign agent of Russia and framed for treason by the FBI, the Justice Department, and the American media, and no one will be held accountable."

(what about isrealgate??)

The CIA's Allen Dulles personally recruited Mykola Lebed, a top aide to Stepan Bandera, the leader of the fascist OUN-B, after WWII, according to a 2010 study by the U.S. National Archives.

Even before the war was over, OSS were recruiting top NazisInUkraine as spie...

(How many aides of politicians of Nepal, generals are recruited by CIA/RAW/MI6???)

WHO Pushes "Early Childhood Masturbation" For Toddlers, Encourages Questions About Gender Identity For Kids Aged 4

(values of western white- respected by educated fools of Nepal)

"I set up a foundation in Ukraine before Ukraine became independent of Russia, and the foundation has been functioning ever since.
There was one person who was deeply involved with Ukraine and that's Biden"

-George Soros

Registered: Oct 2013
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The FBI says it fears for the life of of an informant who revealed a Biden bribery scheme.

Meanwhile, a "missing" Biden informant has emerged from hiding. He speaks out on his own fears of the Biden administration.

Incredible, and maybe even unprecedented, answer by Arnaud Montebourg - former French Minister of Economy - to the question "what method do the Americans use to wage economic warfare against us?"

Showing your true colors:

"Ukraine is being armed as pawns of the West cause we have fun in killing, we have the most Javelins in the European continent, Maidan would have been a gay parade if not for Nazi influence"

-Yevhen Karas, leader of Ukraine's neo-Nazi gang C14

When you sniff too much coka cola!
CIA knows how to do background check.

Macron threatens Kiev: We will reconsider the support, if the counteroffensive fails

The West will reconsider its support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine if they fail in the promised counter-offensive, French President Emmanuel Macron said

(Meaning- if you die in your suicide mission, "Which we forced you to conduct", we will stop support :shock: )

People need to know the dark truth about Amnesty International. I was the speaker at an Amnesty AGM in Hong Kong some years ago. Now I wouldn't trust a single thing they say. Here's what their staff have been getting up to in this part of the world:
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To the last Ukrainian!
Nobody gives a 4k about life of tools. If you dont fight corruption, you will ultimately meet the fate of Ukraine. Remember, In Nepal too, corrupt politician/bureaucracy/business/media/civil society all push for their personal benefit while dealing with evil foreigner.

..... People advocating expanding of NATO will keep on expanding it .... and when finally Russia responds ... same people will say- 'see why we need to expand NATO'..........

Eisenhower also said, 'The only antidote to that kind of accretion of power is a well-informed citizenry.' We ain't got that now.'

Children of comfort women have themselves become comfort women.

The 2022 Arab Youth Survey found that 73% want the US to disengage from the region.

A plurality blame US/NATO for the war in Ukraine.

China and Russia are more favorably seen than the West.

In Thailand: Drama after the elections.

Young Harvard-educated guy - choice of US establishment - won 30% of the vote and has formed alliances to potentially become the next Prime Minister.

(Dont blindly support new politicians in Nepal- no more than giving them benefit of doubt)

Only Ukrainian did not see this coming. And educated idiots in Nepal.

"Qualcomm spies on smartphone users" - German security firm Nitrokey.

You are a sub-human. Trust me, you are. 99% are.

1988: US politicians destroying a Japanese boombox outside the Capitol Hill
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7320
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7320
Government and local body should start working on Dengue prevention.

They should work on preventing water pit and tell people to do same. And take care of mosquito.
Registered: Oct 2013
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EU countries are discussing a ban on the transit of goods from the EU through Russia to third countries, the head of the European Commission, Uvrsula on der Leyen.

Remember, I said, one of the reasons anglozoo pushing ukraine war is to break relation between eu and china. And they use their agent inside the country/block against themselves.

Like, In Nepal, CIA agents inside Nepal begged for loan from CIA controlled IMF, World bank, ADB. Like MCC.
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U.S. military bases aren't just about guns.
It is also about the broken lives of girls living near the bases - now the New York Times has decided to tell us about it.

For more than 60 years, the United States and South Korea have forced tens of thousands of Korean women and girls into prostitution and sexual slavery in special "comfort camps" near U.S. military bases in South Korea. "Women for pleasure" were recruited by the Korean side in various ways: some were deceived by promising to buy real estate on seniority, others were simply stolen from their families and forced to become prostitutes. Understandably, the American soldiers had no sympathy for them, nor did many of the locals.
And the officials explained to the girls the importance of their "work" in keeping the American army on their island and earning money for the country's economy.

Some dared to demand compensation years later, but it was only $2270 to $5300 and was more like a waving-off.

Source: New York Times

"Prostitute makes more money than regular people"- SECOND TO GOD

You can do research about other countries too- Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore

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