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GDP of Nepal

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Somebody publish this in National media and keep it in archive for students of economics and management. This should help humanity.

अर्थमन्त्री खतिवडा भन्छन् : अर्थतन्त्र कहाँ बिग्रिएको छ ? खुला बहस गरौं

O boy! Let's see,


Nepal receives probably the least FDI in the world not including countries in war. Even syria receives more FDI than Nepal from russia, iran, china.

And still, under yuraj k/KP Oli, FDI fall by huge percentage. If this had been happening in civilized country or even in Indai, somebody would have got fired.

After investment forum, yuraj k said, it was a huge successful and will bring in huge investment. where is it? have you been fooling 8 classe KP Oli or Nepalese or yourself.

You think, GDP will grow, job be created when investment is down?????

- Domestic investment

How much Domestic investment, nepalese invested???? And what ever were invested, went to industry which have been suffering from over investment due to forced investment policy/monitory policy of yuraj k and NRB.

You think, GDP will grow, job be created when investment is down?????

- Banking loan

Till last year, we were suffering from liquidity crisis. Now loan demand is very low. Idiot bankers say, there will be demand after dashain. I say, there wont.

When interest rate is high, when economy is in trouble, and all those so called productive sector which demands funding, mostly, are running on over production. You think there will be good demand for loan? I dont think so.

Only area where loan can be injected is share market. But every one in Nepal, including bankers, nrb, yuraj k are dumb to see it.

And when loan demand is low, there is low investment and You think, GDP will grow, job be created when investment is down?????

- Suppliers, manufacturers are saying, creditors are not paying back money in time, taking too long time.

What does that mean? It means customers are weak/poor. Until they pay back, there wont be more demand from them, which means GDP will fall further. Sales will fall further.

Which means, money circulation is slowing. which means no more job creation, no more production. Which means more people will get poorer, which means revenue will fall.

All due to increment in tax on both producer and consumer. And due to lost of confidence.

- Share market

Do you think, govt in US, China, Russia, pakistan, India are dumb that is why they give so much importance to their share market????

Govt in pakistan, russia, china all fired their share market authority when their market crashed.

US govt secretly buys shares to prevent crash. I am sure all others civilized govt do same.

China even banned big players from selling shares and jailed them when their market crashed.

Are they fools????? m0r0n yuraj k.

Nepal share market lost 1000 billion. When people loose that kind of money? do you think those people would invest in industries, consumption. When investment, consumption fall, what happens to economy, GDP??? down down???? Common sense! do you have commonsense mf. do you understand basics of economics, mf?/??

- Custom Tax

Custom duty of last month fell even after increasing tax, tightening taxation, changing formula. What does that mean?

Let me tell you, in the language retard like you understand. After all those tax increment, tightening, changing formula- custom duty collection falling means-

Last year we used to import 100 shirts, and this month we are importing only 80 shirts. What does that mean?

It means, Some where 5/10 Nepalese wont be wearing new shirt this dashain. Which means, People are poorer and some people are broke.

Which means, in Next election commie will be killed by Nepalese. And too bad, KP Oli wont be alive to see result of his present action- him eradicating communist from Nepal.

- Many say, their business is down after KP Oli govt from previous years.

If that is not slowing down of economy, than what is? if that is not poverty increment that what is???? are you a m0ron????

- Total loss of Confidence.

Good student of economics/management well understands the importance of confidence in economy, business, share market.

Lost confidence is far worse than problem itself.

Collapse is caused due to the loss in confidence rather than problem itself.

Problem creates recession, lost confidence turns recession into depression, deep depression.

If we get recession, yuraj k, chiringivi nepal, other bureaucrats turn it into great depression.

That is why civilized countries like US intervenes before their share market crash.

That is why civilized countries intervene before their economy crash like through reduction of interest, reducing tax, injecting liquidity.

Because, when share market in Nepal was crashing, bureaucrats kept on telling politicians, its normal for share market to crash. and investors lost confidence. now share market in Nepal is in total collapse and still yuraj k still does not see it. and still he acts as sarbagyani. you are the dumbest economist in the history of nepal.

if you were finance minister or governor in civilized country or even in India, their economy, share market would have fell into depression by now.

what kind of an idiot still does not get that our economy, share market is in real trouble?

लगानीकर्तालाई सेयर बजारमात्र उकास्ने चिन्ता छ तर मलाई सिंगो अर्थतन्त्र : अर्थमन्त्री

Look Idiot, share market is totally connected with the economy in civilized world. in Nepal, it is not connected that is why we need reform in the share market. And we need our demands to be met which was put forward and accepted by finance minister which yuraj k has been blocking.

by the way, share market knew what kind of a person yuraj k was. that is why share market crashed from 1500 to 1100 as soon as KP Oli appointed him.

When KP Oli won, Nepse did increase from 1200 to 1500. Before which NEPSE crashed from 1900 to 1200 because prior govt ignored the problem.

KP Oli promised to help share market before the election. He fooled all of us.

Hope KP Oli dies long painful death. alchina.

Too bad, he wont be alive to see the death of communist in Nepal.

I dont want yuraj k to improve economy and share market after he is convinced, they are in trouble. I want yuraj k to be fired or resign.

Even better, kill your self. sati ko sarap.
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सरकारले उडन्ते गफ गर्यो, ७ प्रतिशतको आर्थिक वृद्धिदरमा सत्यता छैन् : डा. महत

उनले आर्थिक वृद्धिदर ७ प्रतिशत हाँसिल गरेको भन्ने वर्तमान सरकारको दाबीमा पनि सत्यता नरहेको जिकिर गरे | उनले भने,'सालाखाल ६ प्रतिशत वृद्धि भएको छ | ६ प्रतिशत वृद्धि हुनुपनि राम्रै कुरा हो, तर कसरी ७ प्रतिशत वृद्धिद्धर हाँसिल भयो भन्ने कुरा मैले बुझेको छैन् |' उनकाअनुसार वर्तमान सरकारले अहिलेपनि तल्लो तहसम्मै तथ्यांक बढाईचढाई गर्न दबाब दिएको आशंका छ

And remember, that 6% growth is due to previous year's work, not yuraj k's work. yuraj k's destruction of our economy will be seen this year.

Since, melemchi wont be completed in time, and tamakoshi will be very late and they are saying there wont be enough rain so yuraj k's destruction wont be hidden by those three factors.

Your are going down MF as the worst finance minister in the history of Nepal. Remember, before him, we had 4/10 classe finance ministers. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Tue Aug 20, 2019 4:27 pm

Somewhere I read, yuraj k changed the method to count GDP growth. Is it true? Because they changed it, GDP growth looked higher. If they had used older method, It would have been 6% which is close to my prediction of 5.5%.

Any body have any Idea???/

Is KP Oli trying to fool Nepalese are Yuraj k fooling KP Oli??????

Real GDP growth could be negative. There seems to be positive growth due to remittance and due to strict policy, more underground economy could have joined mainstream.

Even though there is GDP growth, more people have become poorer under KP Oli/Yuraj K's raj.
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यात्रु नपाएपछि हवाई कम्पनीबीच भाडा घटाघट, पोखराको हवाई टिकट १७ सय रुपैयाँमा बिक्री - bholi breakfast pokhara tira janu parla jasto cha. I yuraj k had not broke me, I would have tried to save airlines of Nepal.

Another over invested sector. this is what happens when you cut the flow of fund to one sector and direct toward few other sectors.

The sectors which got squeezed looses good paying job/customer and handful of those who received over flow of fund by force start to produce in over capacity.

Less customer and over capacity. Economy waiting for disaster. Thanks to yuraj k, NRB and motivated by sarbagyani in social media and media. including so called economic expert who are not.

Dont tell me I did not warned you years back during chirinjivi nepal's second monitory policy.

ब्रोकर कमिशन तत्काल यसरी घटाऔं, पूँजी बजारलाईं जोगाऔं
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In the world, unnecessary regulation is not just bad for business, In Nepal, yuraj k has introduce not just regulations but direct blockade in business which will eventually lead to technical recession (i believe our real economy is in recession) .............. like needing to take permission to from IRD to get loan. First time borrower, instead of going to IRD, they rather not take loan. Or take loan from loan shark.

And it will lead to recession. And Nepal will never get out of poverty. There is no single business man who are capable, and due to yuraj k, new cant enter. So nepal becomes hopeless.

Nepal's agriculture have zero future in international market except for herbs.

-Because of politics, like farmers, to feed their family, instead of increasing no of cows to increase income, politician increase price of milk. and due to that milk in nepal cost similar to that of US.

- Because of high tax including custom tax, cost of living in Nepal is very high, so farmers need more revenue so price of agriculture is very high.

- cause of high tax and due to high tax cost of living is high too, so cost of transportation is very high, probably the highest in the world.

-geography, leads to high cost of agriculture and transportation and prevents mass agriculture.

-soil, altitude lead to low productivity. I wonder our fruits/vegetable/grain have herbal quality like apple. if no, hopeless to sell at high price.

Danger of over investment in agriculture (too much pushing of loan/investment) is higher than over investment in likes of cement.

- In Cement, they say, there is 50% over investment and in two year there will be double in production capacity.
Due to demand growth, cement's over production will be consumed in 6/7 year if there is no more addition of production. Till then, life will be hard for them.

- But in agriculture, if there is over investment which leads to over production, and which will collapse the whole industry within one season. Which makes over investment in agriculture far more dangerous than in likes of cement or hydro industry.

On season is enough to destroy agriculture industry as well as banking sector and the economy. And still NRB, yuraj k try to push loan into agriculture too hard.

Our economy is already suffering, if yuraj k stay in power for 10 year, 10s of thousands will die just like millions died in ussr, china due to famine cause by commie policy.
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Just too much uncertainty and regulations in the economy.
We survived the insurgency, the blockade, the Earthquake and the two decades were lost in infighting. However, the Communist Government with no money to show for but too ambitious tax goals and social insurance programs may finally f**k us up big time.
In few years we will be in IMF's doorsteps on our Knees asking to suck their **ck, pleading for dollar infusion. I was very optimistic about Nepal's prospect a year and half back. I saw many electricity projects coming into pipelines, tourism finally starting to grow and remittance bringing in needed dollars. Now, I am not as hopeful as I was then. Government policies are just too restrictive and and with no time to adjust for economic players.
We should focus more on Tourism, Hydro and Agriculture. We can have small bespoke industries in handicrafts and some niche manufacturing. However, we can't compete with the likes of China in manufacturing, Bangladesh and China in garments and textiles. A small Dutch nation exported more than 100 billion worth of Agricultural products in 2017. Imagine, us doing 1/10th of that. That is as much as what we brought in remittance last year.

I will make another point. I think we are making over investment in Hydros like many others are saying in this forum. There is a talk about cross border transfer of power to India and Bangladesh. I don't think it will pan out just because India will not be as cooperative as we believe. We have people in our country who doesn't want power lines in their streets. How can we build a transnational transmission line through very densely populated area in Bihar? Also, read the linked article. Indians are already building coal powered plants to supply Bangladeshis with all the power they need. I don't think they would like the competition from Nepal.

Best thing we can do in the near future is to focus on Agriculture, Tourism and foreign employment albeit to the destinations with higher pay.
On Agriculture, we can provide tax incentives and easing land rules for businesses to start commercial farming, fisheries and meat production.
On Tourism, we need to complete Lumbini and Pokhara airport and facelift TIA, ASAP. We should focus on Hindu and Buddhist populations from South Asia, South East Asia and North East Asia.
On foreign employment, the Govenment should open labor offices in all major cities in the Middle East and Malaysia, bargain collectively for safety and minimum wages and other protections for our workers. We should also beg Japanese and South Koreans to allow more of our workers into their country. They are in dire need of young workers in their farms and factories. And, we need their Won and Yen. Sadly, we will have to part with our young bodies and minds for the time being.
Demographically, we don't have a long run before, we get into a growth tap, where larger aging population will have to be supported with diminishing number of young population.
We are still at 50% of our GDP on our Government debt. The Government should finish strategic projects like Bheri, Fast Track, Madhya Pahadi Marg, Madan Bhandari Marg and Hulaki Marga even if that means increasing our debt levels. Those projects will payoff big time.

I am really worried in few years our economy will suffer due to increased regulations and the very costly decentralization experiment forced upon us. Worsening economic conditions may increase internal strifes and will be an opportunity for our neighbor to the South to finally break up Nepal, which the British couldn't do.
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अर्थतन्त्रमा संकुचनको संकेत: आयात घट्दा खुसीयाली देखिएन, राजस्व पनि घट्यो

- I warned about this year back. Now, when result is out, our biddwan has noticed. Let me repeat, last year's economy was influenced by two year back's economy. Yuraj k's destruction will be seen this year.

भन्सार विभागले सार्वजनिक गरेको तथ्यांक अनुसार १ खर्ब ६ अर्ब रुपैयाँको आयात भएको छ
अघिल्लो वर्ष साउन महिनामा १ खर्ब २० अर्ब रुपैयाँको आयात भएको थियो

- This means, huge increase in poverty. I have been warning about.

अघिल्लो वर्षको तुलनामा साउन महिनामा २७.६८ प्रतिशतले निर्यात बढेको छ

आयात घट्दा खुसुी हुनुपर्ने भएपनि नेपालभित्रको आर्थिक क्रियाकलापमा आएको कमीको कारण आयात घटेको हो

नेपाल चेम्बर अफ कमर्शका अध्यक्ष राजेशकाजी श्रेष्ठ पहिलो ३ महिनामा दशैं तिहारको लागि लक्षित गरेर आयात बढ्ने भएपनि त्यसपछिका महिनाहरुमा अझै आयात घट्ने बताउँछन्

- Just like I said, year ago. When I analyzed yuraj k' economic and fiscal and monitory policy year back. This year, I did not analyzed, cause, it is no longer interesting. Its has become clear, who this alchian is.

'आयात घट्नु र निर्यात बढ्नु राम्रो भएपनि यहाँ उत्पादन भएको सामाग्रीको कारण त्यो भएको होइन, भन्सार शुल्कमा गरिएको बृद्धिको कारण आयात निरुत्साहन भएको हो,' उनले भने

- High import tax means, higher cost of living which again means higher cost of business, which means lack of competitiveness, which is what we are facing- lack of competitive industries even when import tax is huge.

I have been warning about this for years now. And idoit yuraj k has not idea about economics. This talk is going on in US China trade war in US. Which I have been talking about for years now.

अघिल्लो वर्ष साउन महिनामा २८ अर्ब रुपैयाँ राजस्व संकलन भएकोमा यो वर्ष २६ अर्ब रुपैयाँ राजस्व संकलन भएको छ

- I expected far less growth but did not expected this. But by the end of the year, there may be grow but far less than yuraj k's estimation.

आर्थिक क्रियाकलापमा आएको कमीको कारण आयात घटेको बुझाई सरकारी अधिकारीहरुको पनि रहेको छ
भन्नलाई सरकारले गरेको राम्रो कामको रुपमा आयात घटेको भन्न सकिएपनि यसको अर्थ आर्थिक क्रियाकलापमा कमी आउनु भएको बुझाई उनीइहरुको छ

- 4king m0r0ns. they are the ones destroying Nepal. share market, economy.

अर्थशास्त्री केशव आचार्य आयात घट्नु अर्थतन्त्रको लागि राम्रो भएपनि यसले आर्थिक क्रियाकलापहरु घटेको संकेत गर्न सक्ने बताउँछन्

- now you see it after result is out. I have been warning about this since yuraj k's first budget. where were you. are you even an economist. or ghokera certificate you got.

Take my world seriously, I have read news article, online comment about economy (share market etc), I found out, I am the only one who understands economy in Nepal, share market (there may be good economist who in secretly, hiding). Those who comment in media, social media are not just bad in economics, they are dangerous. They should shut the fk up or they will confuse 8 classe politician.

mao, stalling killed millions in russia, china due to their policy cause of famine. yuraj k could kill 10s of thousands if he get to rule for a decade. But, by the end of his two year (6 month left), things would already get pretty bad. There is only good out come from yuraj k- he would destroy communist from Nepal. Remember, russia, china have become super power only after they abandoned communist economy.

When I talk to business people, from what I hear from them, things are worse than I have been warning for years. Yuraj k is a disease. yuraj k is a cancer and its only expanding.
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निक्षेपकर्ताजस्तै ऋणी पनि खोसाखोस गर्न थाले बैंकर, आधार दरकै हाराहारीमा ऋण

I predicted/said it first.


Sun Jul 28, 2019 4:42 pm

One BFI was saying, demand for loan has crashed and interest rate will fall in a few days.

Is this just a single case or start of the trend in banking industry?????????????????????????

I had been wondering in last few years? what kind of a m0r0n had been demanding loan at such high rate??

I think, during last few years- cement, hotel industries had been consuming more than 15% of loan demand. Investor with even a tiny brain wont increase investment in cement industry for more than a decade now. Hotel industry may not see bigger investment for a few years.

If demand of loan from cement and hotel is down below 5% of total demand of loan, there will be lot of liquidity in the market.

Same could be said about industries that supply construction material.


Yuraj k, NRB governor could not solve liquidity crisis, interest rate crisis, share market crisis but their incompetency have destroyed economy and now looks like liquidity crisis, interest rate crisis, share market crisis are about to be over due to problem in the economy created by yuraj k and nrb governor.

Over investment in so called productive sector (I warned about this years back), high interest rate have broken back of investors. Not economy is about to get it. I did warn CEO of banks about this too.

But, its not a big deal. After yuraj k is dead, and if we get good finance minister.... confidence in economy will be back with in a few months.

Some M0ron say, yuraj k is talented but not suitable for Nepal.

M0ron, if yuraj k had been finance minister or governor or high ranking bureaucrats- he would have crashed the economy. If country like China, US invest double the needed investment in so called productive sector, their economy would crash.

By the way, civilized country, forget about hiring yuraj k in high ranking job, he wont even get a job of a driver. Potential employee would say- herdai pachkau jasto anuhar cha, kasari talai driver banau?????

Dalal banks are decreasing interest on car loan before share loan. Are they working for RAW? Are all bankers work for India???????
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I AM SON of God ....... I just declared it. Somebody got a problem with that?????

राजस्व लक्ष्य भेट्याउन अर्थमन्त्री खतिवडाका लागि चालु वर्ष पनि कठिन, भन्सार असुली वेहाल

लक्ष्य भेट्याउन सबै विकल्प प्रयोग गरेपनि देशभरका भन्सार कार्यालयको साउनकै राजस्व असुली नकारात्मक देखिएको छ|

भन्सार विभागले भन्सार राजस्व बढाउन मूल्यांकनको मापदण्डनै परिवर्तन गरेपनि असुलीमा भने प्रभाव नपरेको तथ्यांकमा देखिएको छ

चालु आर्थिक वर्षको साउनमा वीरगंज भन्सारले १० अर्ब ९५ करोड ४ लाख रुपैयाँ मात्रै राजस्व असुली गरेको छ|यो भन्सारले १५ अर्ब १३ करोड ८७ लाख राजस्व असुलीको लक्ष्य राखेको थियो|यो लक्ष्यको ७२ दशमलब ३३ प्रतिशत मात्रै हो|गत वर्ष साउनमा १२ अर्ब ५९ करोड भन्सार राजस्व संकलन गरेको थियो|

I have been warning, yuraj k's real work will be seen this year. Last years result had impact of previous year's actions. That is why we had some what growth.

Last year, yuaraj k tightened tax policy and still tax growth was less that during the time, finance ministry used to be ran by 8 classe, 4 classe, 10 claseee.

I was expecting this year's growth will be lower. turned out, shrawan's growth is negative by huge. It total depression. Worst than depression. In advanced, I thing 10% negative is called depression. Now in Nepal we should call it massacre. And this year, they changed formula to calculate tax and still its depression.

Tax collection down is not just bad, it means people are poorer- which I have been warning for almost 1.5 year now.

Dont tell me, I did not warn KP Oli or Nepalese. But who is going to listen to me.

Remember, I have made many predictions right. If world keep its record, its going to be a world record, no one will be able to break.

I am the one who warned about - Share market crisis well before it happened. I warned about liquidity crisis well before it happened. I warned about interest rate crisis well before it happened. I warned about economic crisis well before it happened. I warned about yuraj k crisis even at the time he was being portrayed as a hero or savior or biddwan.

Dont tell me I did not warn.

I also have one of my predictions "yuraj k will destroy communist" :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Somewhere I read, yuraj k changed the method to count GDP growth. Is it true? Because they changed it, GDP growth looked higher. If they had used older method, It would have been 6% which is close to my prediction of 5.5%.

Any body have any Idea???/

Is KP Oli trying to fool Nepalese are Yuraj k fooling KP Oli??????

Real GDP growth could be negative. There seems to be positive growth due to remittance and due to strict policy, more underground economy could have joined mainstream.

Even though there is GDP growth, more people have become poorer under KP Oli/Yuraj K's raj.
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Share market has been in trouble for last 4 year. Maoist and NC govt ignored it. And KP Oli came and destroying it.

I know you are idiot, just learn from US, China, Russia how they support their share market. China, Russia both fired their share market managers. The latest is, Pakistan just recently fired theirs. Are those countries dumb?

When are you going to fire them in Nepal? Yuraj k, firing is not enough. Kill the MF.
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Yuraj K ordered finance ministry to publish last year's GDP growth as 7.05%.

I demand intelligent neutral org to re calculate.

My prediction was 5.5%

Good percentage of underground economy may have joined official economy due to strict regulation. That does not mean, Nepalese are richer. It means Nepalese's purchasing power has diminished and got poorer.

This year's real economy will diminish worst than last year. Last year economy got boosted due to previous year's activity. Last year, yuraj k destroyed totally which we get to see this year.

Other than official GDP growth, all other economic indicator says economy is bad like selling of construction raw material, import volume contraction (I guess)..
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NRB has printed just 500 billion.

Till a few weeks ago, BFIs had more than 100 billion in cash holding without issuing loan. 100 billion may have stayed in BFIs for more than a month.

I believe, if 100 billion stays in bank for a month, Nepal may loose .01-.02% GDP growth. How about that, 8.5% GDP growth target of KP Oli and yuraj k?????

And, NRB wants to force BFIs to hold more cash than before........ how about that yuraj k, and bureaucracy and so called economic expert.

If due to, NRB's new calculation of spread rate, if BFIs dont or reduce in buying Treasury and hold back cash- since buying govt treasury is no longer beneficiary, it will hit govt program as well as GDP growth by a lot plus reduce economic activity which will lead to less business to those industrialist who had been pressuring govt to attack BFIs.

No more job creation, business will not be able to pay salary, tax, interest. No GDP growth of 8.5%, No govt revenue to buy 1 lakh shoe to KP Oli.

How about that!!!!!

I repeat again, its not the job of pakhes to make policy. Let, real think tank do it.

Yuraj k is too incompetent, so is NRB governor and SEBON and finance secratery. Resign or fire them all.

If you study all the new policy of yuraj k or finance ministry or NRB or SEBON............ all came in order to satisfy their ego, or as a revenge.
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This year's GDP growth will be worst than last year's growth.

The real Yuraj K accomplishment. Last year's growth was some what affected by year earlier economy.

I guess, around 1.5% less than last year's GDP, going to be this year's GDP growth.

Last year's I predicted around 5.5% and yuraj k wanted 8%. Let's see who is going to be closer.
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My Prediction recap:

The latest revised GDP growth I predicted is 5.5% of 2019

Here some organization has predicted 5% growth (IMF- did not they predict 6.5% before???)

And yuraj k predicts growth of 7%, Oli predicts close to 8%, Worldbank/IMF predicts 6.5%.

Remember, I predicted 5.5% in Thu Nov 22, 2018 4:39 pm

IMF has revised to 5% on 2019-2-17

६ महिनाको राजस्व संकलन्: लक्ष्यको ९३ प्रतिशत मात्रै, २८ अर्ब कम राजस्व, कहाँ चुक्यो सरकार?

Its basic economic knowledge. Increasing TAX without increasing significant GDP is forcing problem for future.

Just wait another few months, tax collection will decrease even more. (Tue Jan 15, 2019 4:54 pm)

Remember, first three month, tax collection was higher than estimated. In 6 month, its 7% lower than expected. So, Tax collection has decreased far more than 7% within 3 month.

In commie/socialist govt. goods and services are suppose to be cheaper. But in reality, its just the opposite.

And still, social media expert talk big about socialism.

I told you!


In this First four month, there was dashain and tihar and Income tax clearance period and still they are able to collect only 26% tax for the year.

It is clear, their target wont be met.

There are two worst clues hidden:
1: They are able to collect only 30% more during first 4 month after tightening tax policy. Next months, it will be even harder since, they have already squeezed Nepalese.

2: Whatever high tax they have been collecting, its cause of previous govts/years hard work. Real down fall will be seen next year. Biddwan yuraj k's work will be seen next year. There could be negative if not, very low increase in tax collection next year.

Conclusion, lateral month, tax collection growth rate will fall significantly. Next year, there will be crisis.

------------------------- Today's reality:

राजस्वको लक्ष्य र संकलनको अन्तर ८६ अर्ब रुपैयाँ नाघ्यो, चैतमा ३६ अर्ब रुपैयाँ कम संकलन

अर्थ मन्त्रालयका अनुसार चैत मसान्तसममा सबैभन्दा कमजोर अवस्था मूल्य अभिवृद्धि कर (भ्याट)को छ| भ्याटको वृद्धिदर १० प्रतिशत मात्रै छ| सरकारले चालु वर्षमा करिब ३५ प्रतिशत भ्याट बढ्ने अनुमान गरेको थियो| तर राजस्वको मुख्य आधारमा कमजोर वृद्धिदर देखिँदा समग्र संकलन नै प्रभावित बनेको छ|


Am I great or What??????

They are saying, GDP growth will be 6.8% revised from target 8%, Mine prediction is still same as before 5.5.
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Gap between projected revenue and actual revenue collected exceeds Rs 70 arba

- Do not push to hard. dont play with the ego of idiots- bureaucrats and sarbagyani yuraj k.

Or, they will make thing worse. Its already pretty bad, if they try hard it will get worse.
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नेपालको आर्थिक वृद्धि ५ प्रतिशत मात्र हुने आइएमएफको नयाँ प्रक्षेपण, ४ महिनामा डेढ प्रतिशत घटायो

यसअघि आइएमएफले गत डिसेम्बर १३ मा जारी गरेको रिपोर्टमा चालु आर्थिक वर्षमा नेपालको आर्थिक वृद्धिदर ६.५ प्रतिशत हुने प्रक्षेपण गरेको थियो |

केपी शर्मा ओली र अर्थमन्त्री डा. युवराज खतिवडाले आइएमएफको प्रक्षेपणलाई देखाउँदै सरकारको ठूलो उपलब्धिको रुपमा व्याख्या गरेका थिए |

उद्योग विभागका अनुसार विदेशी लगानी चालु आर्थिक वर्षको प्रथम ८ महिनामा ६३ प्रतिशतले घटेको छ |

आइएमएफको टिम लिडर ग्रीर्ट अल्मेकिन्डर्सले नेपालको आन्तरिक उत्पादन क्षमता कमजोर भएकोले अर्थतन्त्र संकटमा रहेको बताएका छन् |

संघीयतामा धेरै नीति तथा कार्यक्रम दोहोरिएको, कर वृद्धि, पुराना नीतिले लगानीको वातावरण बन्न असहयोग गरेको आईएमएफले जनाएको छ |


The latest revised GDP growth I predicted is 5.5% of 2019

Here some organization has predicted 5% growth (IMF- did not they predict 6.5% before???)

And yuraj k predicts growth of 7%, Oli predicts close to 8%, Worldbank/IMF predicts 6.5%.

Remember, I predicted 5.5% in Thu Nov 22, 2018 4:39 pm

IMF has revised to 5% on 2019-2-17


If GDP growth reach around 5.5%, Since only Jews gets Nobel prize, I demand world to use one time "master of Universe" and give it to me. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I have been saying- high tax rate and unnecessary hard and complicated policy would never help economy.

And still why there used to be 6/7% GDP growth? Investors did not use to follow the policy and pay tax.

Now sarbagyani yuraj k has not only forcefully implemented policy and tax rate- he has made policy even tougher and increased tax by a lot.

I had recommended 8 classe Oli, when he won the election to - slowly decrease tax and slowly inforce it. There should be 10 year plan to bring underground and black economy into mainstream economy.

And make fiscal and monitory policy liberal and other policy too.

When tax rate is high and policy is conservative- good people wont enter and who enters are idiot criminals and crony capitalist like people around prachanda and all other politicians who neither any willing to build anything nor pay tax.

When tax is high and policy is hard- if criminals evade them, good investors wont be able to compete with criminals that is why all business community are criminals in Nepal. That is why no Nepalese can compete with indian traders in Nepal. Indian origin traders nor pay tax and they import damaged and expired goods into Nepal.

Traders from south are very rich cause they dont pay tax and import damaged goods and involved adultery. And today, they are so rich, majority of banks and insurance too are controlled by them including media too.

we are so dead.

All cause tax in Nepal is high, policy is tough and they follow non.

Its all cause of characters like sarbagyani yuraj k. Who has no idea what economics is, what share market is but he believes he knows everything. And made policy tough and tax high.

If policy had been liberal and tax rate had been low- even if criminals evade them, it would he hard/impossible for them to compete with good investors.

Look at so called civil society members, experts and media, whom they consider to be hero among finance minister. What work they glorify?

- They made hero to ramsaran mahato. They gave him credit for increasing tax. and those idiots dont see that same high tax is the reason every thing is expensive in Nepal compared to other south asia.

Because of high tax, life in Nepal is very expensive and so doing business is very expensive and cant compete with world.

And still they give credit to idiot mahato.

- And there is another hero. recently dead bharat mohan adhakari. They gave him credit for distributing free wealth.

Since when looting from hardworking and giving it to bhat mara is glorifying.

In the world, leaders who have made their country rich are considered as hero. But in Nepal those who increase tax and distributing wealth are considered as hero.

Sati ko sarap

and they ask why Nepal is poor. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzee

May be because in Nepal, those who have louder voice are all idiot and people like me, whose voice is not heard????
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सात महिनामा भित्रियो ५ खर्ब १५ अर्ब रेमिट्यान्स, वैदेशिक रोजगारीमा जाने घटे

Around 60 lakh Nepalese in foreign employment.

I guess average they sent to Nepal is at least 5 lakh.

So Nepal is suppose to get 3000 arab (30billion dollar) as remittance in a year but in reality gets less than 10 billion dollar. (I wrote about this about year ago, but it got auto deleted due to sharesansar forum dont recognized all funds).

So where has 20billion dollar gone???????

I guess, 5 billion dollar is used on import, to evade tax.

And then, where is min of 15billion dollar?

I guess 5 billion dollar goes to off shore account belonging to those bureaucrats and politicians and crony capitalists who are raping Nepal.

And where is 10 billion dollar?

I think, it goes to india as black money, being robbed as tax evasion by certain business community who came to Nepal from India and today totally controls Nepal trading.

If I were the dictator of Nepal, this would not have been happening.
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अबको २५ बर्षमा नेपालीको प्रति ब्यक्ति आय साढे १२ हजार डलर, १५औं योजनामा परामर्श

I can get to 12k$ (in today's value, in 10 year, dollar would be long gone) within 7-10 year.

If you Accept me as your master.
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The latest revised GDP growth I predicted is 5.5% of 2019

Here some organization has predicted 5% growth (IMF- did not they predict 6.5% before???)

And yuraj k predicts growth of 7%, Oli predicts close to 8%, Worldbank/IMF predicts 6.5%.

Remember, I predicted 5.5% in Thu Nov 22, 2018 4:39 pm

IMF has revised to 5% on 2019-2-17

GDP growth, 2019.

Ethiopia: 8.5%
India: 7.4%
Bangladesh: 7.1%
Laos: 7%
Cambodia: 6.8%
Myanmar: 6.8%
Philippines: 6.6%
Vietnam: 6.5%
Mongolia: 6.3%
China: 6.2%
Kenya: 6.1%
Nepal: 5%
Oman: 5%
Uzbekistan: 5%
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अर्थतन्त्र बिग्रिएपछि आत्तिए खतिवडा

मन्त्री हुनुवित्तिकै अर्थमन्त्रीज्यू अर्थतन्त्रलाई सजिलै ट्र्याकमा ल्याउँछु भन्नुहुन्थ्यो

- he he :mrgreen: :mrgreen: to bring economy on track, first of all you need to understand economics, then you need to understand ground reality of the country/society. You need to understand money. you need to understand investment. you need to understand banking. you need to understand share market. you need to understand a lot about a lot.

Person who does not even know what is S of share, how would he run modern economy. A person who advise people to only deposit money in the bank, cant run economy. a person who talks about diverting capital from share market, how could he promote investment. in Nepal, who tells people not to take loan becomes central banks governor. sati ko sarap.
fellow who tries to charge tax on loss leads finance ministry. person who says share market is unproductive tries to teach people how to invest. sati ko sarap

looks like if you write the whole story, it will become longer than mahabharat.

'आयात नरोके अर्थतन्त्र झनै खराब अवस्थामा पुग्ने मन्त्रीज्यूको निष्कर्श छ |'

- If blocking import would have helped economy, N korea, cuba would have been the richest country in the world.

निर्यात बढ्न सकेको छैन

- its cause of yuraj k. cause of him, investors are not investing in industries. people dont want to invest big.

त्यतिमात्रै होइन, वैदेशिक लगानीको प्रतिवद्धता पनि घटेको छ

- yuraj k is the sole reason. and Oli is dumb not to see it.

दिनानूदिन अर्थतन्त्र कमजोर बन्दै जाँदा नेकपाभित्रै बाट अर्थमन्त्री खतिवडाको विरोध हुन थालेपछि उनी अत्तालिएको स्रोतको दाबी छ

- retards are too slow mentally and physically. its science.

अर्थतन्त्र बुझेको मान्छे भनेर उहाँप्रति सबैले आशा गरे, कसैले पनि विरोध गरेनन्

- its not 100% true. I am the only person who opposed his policy from day one. I gave 1% benefit of doubt till oli's policy and programmer and i lost all confidence in yuraj k since his budget, monitory policy, fiscal policy, his attitude.

dont tell me I did not warned you. I warned you from day one even before he became finance minister. I made almost 100% correct prediction. Only prediction I failed was, I expected him to inject cash into banks and solve liquidity problem, but even that did not happen. which was very easy to do.

If you dont believe me, go through these links:

'आफ्नो आलोचना सुन्नै नसक्ने व्यक्तिलाई आलोचना सुन्नुपर्दा कस्तो हुन्छ ? हो, त्यस्तै भएको छ मन्त्रीज्यूलाई |'

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

आयात निरुत्साहित गर्दा राजस्व कम उठ्छ | त्यसैले स्वदेशी उत्पादनमा पनि अन्तशुल्क लगाएर राजस्वलाई कम हुन नदिने अर्थन्त्रीको तयारी छ |

- [b]Mark my word: My latest amended GDP growth is around 5.5%. If sarba gyani does what he is planning to do. Next year's GDP growth will be around 5% that's like recession for under developed country like ours. Unless they make positive change.

I am the only one who predicted current problem going on in Nepal, in the entire universe. better listen to me before more time is lost.

I can solve all problem very easily.

Unlike majority, I grew up watching system all over the world. I know how it works. I can easily solve all problem in Nepal without making any restriction.

All Oli has to do is beg in live TV "dear malik "The Rising Sun", you are pravhu, you are sarba gyani, help me save this country" :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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khatiwada should die in a cup of water..

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Economy is all shattered. Neither domestic investors or international investor believes economy of Nepal in good hands.

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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US says Nepal Investment Summit is premature

The US has said that the government must come up with necessary measures to bring reforms in laws, policies, procedures and corrupt practices that continue to keep investment away before hosting such a summit. "The embassy is concerned that holding this forum before real, bold, and tangible reforms are made, both to laws and practices, is premature and risks undermining Nepal's credibility and investment prospects when investors see the reality on the ground," said the US embassy spokesperson Andie De Arment.

The cumulative American investment in the Indo-Pacific region as of last year reached $940 billion. "The US embassy would love to attract a large portion of that to Nepal. Once reforms are made to law and practice, the Embassy would be pleased to be the loudest champion for a Nepal that is open for business," the spokesperson further said.


I believe sarbagyani yuraj k has been convincing 8 class Oli to wait till investment forum is held to see result of gya of yuraj k.

ding dong

in a country where domestic investors dont want to invest, you are asking foreigner to invest.... this is what happens when 8 classe, 10 classe, 4 classe runs country and let bureaucrat run policy, govt.

yuraj k has destroyed what ever Nepal had. Many were waiting for stable govt so that they could invest, and finally stable govt came but investment did not came. cause of yuraj k and yadav and majority of commie politicians and ministers.

remember, commies are dead outside nepal, in nepal they are alive cause they are able to dilute into corruption culture of nepal. and that does not mean they know how to run a country.
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६ महिनाको राजस्व संकलन्: लक्ष्यको ९३ प्रतिशत मात्रै, २८ अर्ब कम राजस्व, कहाँ चुक्यो सरकार?

Its basic economic knowledge. Increasing TAX without increasing significant GDP is forcing problem for future.

Higher tax fro similar income means, people are made poorer, commie style.

Just wait another few months, tax collection will decrease even more.

Remember, first three month, tax collection was higher than estimated. In 6 month, its 7% lower than expected. So, Tax collection has decreased far more than 7% within 3 month.

In commie/socialist govt. goods and services are suppose to be cheaper. But in reality, its just the opposite.

And still, social media expert talk big about socialism.

I told you!
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अर्थमन्त्रीको नीति: राजस्वको लक्ष्य नपुगेपछि अनुत्पादक गाडी पनि उत्पादक, कोषका पैसा तानिँदै

gobar sorne aukat should not run system.

Economy is suppose to be increasing consumption power of people. Increasing tax without increasing GDP will eventually harm economy.
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नेपाल उद्योग बाणिज्य महासंघका निवर्तमान अध्यक्ष पशुपति मुरारकाले २५ बर्षको अवधिमा अहिलेको जस्तो व्यावसायिक मन्दी पहिले कहिले देखेका थिएनन्|

yuraj k and Oli turned out to be the biggest alchinas than the earthquake and blockade.

कुनै पनि क्षेत्रको व्यापार राम्रो छ भन्ने सुनेको छैन|

'पहिला ४५ दिनभित्र सिमेन्ट र डन्डी बेचेको पैसा आउँथ्यो| तर अहिले ९० दिनमा समेत पैसा आउन कठिन हुन थालेको छ|

दशैं\तिहार इलेक्ट्रोनिक्स सामान बिक्रीको लागि सबैभन्दा राम्रो समय हो| व्यवसायीका अनुसार यो समयमा अरु सामान्य समयमा भन्दा झण्डै ४० प्रतिशतभन्दा बढी इलेक्ट्रोनिक्सको सामान बिक्री हुन्छ| यो समयमा सामान्य समयभन्दा केही बढी मात्रै इलेक्ट्रोनिक्स सामान बिक्री भयो||

गोल्छाका अनुसार पाँच महिनाको अवधिमा मोबाइलको व्यापार ७० प्रतिशत घटेको छ|

विश्व बैंकले सार्बजनिक गरेको 'डुइङ बिजिनेस रिपोर्ट' मा नेपालको रेटिङ पहिलेभन्दा कमजोर देखिएको छ, यसले पनि एफडिआइलाई निरुत्साहित गरेको छ|

ब्याज दरकै कारण शेयर बजार पनि घटेको छ|

'पैसा परिचालन हुने सबै क्षेत्र ठप्प भएकाले आर्थिक गतिविधि ठप्प भएको हो' मूरारकाले भने, 'सरकारले व्यावसायिक वातावरण बनाउने गरी काम गर्नुपर्छ| अव्यवहारिक नीति ल्याउनेभन्दा व्यवसायीलाई विश्वासमा लिने वातावरण तयार पार्नुपर्छ|'

अर्थमन्त्रीको परफरमेन्स कर असुलीमा

Mark my word, tax increasing without growth in economy means there is trouble in the economy ahead.

सरकारको संरचना नै व्यवसायीलाई उत्साहित गरेर आर्थिक कृयाकलाप बढाउनेभन्दा पनि निरुत्साहित गर्ने खालको भएकाले मन्दी अझै लम्बिने व्यवसायीहरुको विश्लेषण छ|

उनका अनुसार जबसम्म व्यवसायीहरु जोखिम लिने अवस्थामा पुग्दैनन्, त्यसबेलासम्म आर्थिक कृयाकलाप बढ्दैन| 'त्यसैले मन्दी त्यो बेलासम्म लम्बिन्छ, जबसम्म सरकारले व्यवसायीलाई विश्वास दिलाउन सक्दैन, उनले दावी गरे|

Remember, business community are not khana napaue haru. They dont need to invest so that they could feed their family. It general public and commie who need private sector to invest and increase economic growth.

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