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GDP of Nepal

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अर्थमन्त्री भन्छन् : वित्तीय प्रणालीमा ७० अर्ब रुपैयाँ तरलता छ, पुँजी बजार बिग्रिंदैन

Just imagine, what could mao, stallin have said before millions died due to famine?

Could they have said, "millions are about to die, fk them"?????


they could have said, "every thing is fine".

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Before corona, communist (yuraj k, kp oli, tanki baje and socialist chirinjivi nepal) destroyed economy. now we have corona.

(I wanted to write about economic cycle under different system, but did not have motivation cause of NEPSE crash. corona would given me the perfect example about communist, and socialist economy)

If yuraj k and chirinjivi nepal had not destroyed economy which increased credit in the system, things would have been better.

I am the only one who knows how to protect the economy. If they bring surendra pandey in finance minister, I will tell you.

Its been weeks, economy is in trouble due to corona but yuraj k is still sleeping. he talked about reducing huge tax well before corona but even after corona he is like a las.

Remember, in the history, when there is communist in the govt, if there is economic crisis, millions had died (famine in china, ussr). history is repeating in Nepal, we have problem but govt does not care. tanky baje said something few days ago to tourism sector instead of solving problem or addressing problem. that is how, millions did in china, ussr cause of famine, communist/socialist mentality.

I know, how to address it, call me.

I would tell you if there is surendra panday as finance minister.


chririnjivi nepal has put forward his 25 achievements as the governor.

During his tenure, we faced liquidity crisis, interest rate crisis, share market crisis, over production crisis. and in 25 achievements, none is mentioned (i just read some highlights, I may have missed it)

Most of the problem he created, and one, he made it worse (liquidity crisis). then entered yuraj k to make things worst.


when going gets tough, tough gets going.

We have 10-15% interest on FD, 10-12% interest on bfis bond. All cause of chirinjivi nepal.

I may be the only one who see those rates as a grave threat to the economy, which was created by chirinjivi nepal.

sati ko sarap


Bring down FD rate to- 4% for institution, 7% for public (including older contracts) if you want to save Nepal's economy.

Bfis profit is too low to handle any future threat which I have been warning for years.
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गभर्नर डा. चिरञ्जीबी नेपालको कार्यकाल समीक्षा: कठिन परिस्थितिमा पनि ऐतिहासिक काम

should I laugh or kill myself?

I, I the only one who Predicted, made correct analysis in the entire universe going to say this-

"Chirinjivi Nepal, is the biggest curse in the history of monitory policy".

Last for year was suppose to be the best, golden time in the history of Nepal. Before yuraj k, He is the main who destroyed Nepal through monitory policy, blackmailing and corruption.

Corruption- he came into power through corruption and he lest criminals like NICA, Global destroy capital market.

Last for year was suppose to be the best years in the history of Nepal, but Nepal suffered not just liquidity crisis but also interest rate crisis.

Before yuraj k came into power, chirinjivi been destroying Nepal for first two year.

He was too incompetent to solve liquidity crisis. But, interest crisis was all his doing. He forced Bfis to give 13/14% on FD. Only country suffering from economic crisis have such a high rate, but NRB forced BFIs into 13/14% fd rate.

Chirinjivi Nepal single handedly destroyed share market. He made monitory policy just to crash the market. And during his final year, he tried to save share market but could not.

Many criminals tried to crash share marked when it made record. But could not and they used chirinjivi nepal to crash share market through monitory policy and since then share market still could not gain confidence back.

He became governor with the black money of some banker, and later he kept on attacking banks. Kept on destroying banks with every monitory policy he read.

But never punished banks like NICA for their crime which destroyed not just capital market, but also share market.

Sati ko sarap.
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House Dems will hear from
Claudia Sahm
Wed. morning as they consider fiscal package in response to coronavirus crisis.

Both economists have called for """"""""going big and going quickly"""""""""". Furman wants -$350 billion.

I am sure, Lord Pashupatinath too is almost ready with his plan to tackle corona hit economy of Nepal. :mrgreen:

Hope, Pasupatinath takes over tax department too (fiscal and monitory policy too).

Its not fair, Pashupatinath taking care of everything except for TAX department which is controlled by criminal pakhes who suck blood of one small group and redistribute it to a big group of criminals.
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I want to teach or direct you to study a huge topic about economics/life, which I have been saying for more than a decade, to those who consider themselves expert or student of economics (even business or even commoners).

I have been saying a very important, one of the most important topic in life, economics, earning which is "Making good money is more important than wanting price to fall (whose price is already reasonable)". Which many or almost every one disagree and over smart also gives me example against my view.

Which scenario would you prefer- Low oil price and loosing job/loosing remittance

or Normal oil price and keeping job/remittance?????

During load shedding, pakhes, public, media kept on barking, opposing govt giving electricity to industries/business while public had to face long load shedding.

Then too I used to say, govt need to first priorities electricity to business than to public. Public can live with longer load shedding but cant live without job. But that time pakhe with animal personality used to respond with aggression.

No wonder, Nepal is a shithole.
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Nepal's economy is facing crisis (over hyped crisis) due to having a sanki bureaucrat as fiance minister.

If we has good political with understanding of business, economics as finance minister, may be we had different approach. In china, us, eu, japan have already made changes to their fiscal and monitory policy to tackle possible corona impact.

Another big analysis about the economy: Now Nepali will feed the devil (10-15% FD rate). High interest on FD will be felt by the economy, but other than myself, no one will see it. How many major prediction I may get it right, its sarbagyani in media and social media who make their voice loud and their voice is heard not mine.

Yuraj k is going for safe landing of his failure by lying to kp oli and comreds. They are saying corona may bring down economy to below 5%.

Reality is, corona has impacted for last one month only, and we have remain 4 month in this fiscal year. Real impact wont be more than .5% to 1% max.

Now, looks like yuraj k is about to tell the truth about real GDP growth of below 5% blaming on corona to cover his incompetence.
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'चालू आर्थिक वर्षमा ४ प्रतिशतको मात्रै आर्थिक वृद्धिदर देखिने भएपछि यो विवरण लुकाएको भन्ने बाहिर चर्चा छ'

उनले तथ्याङ्क विभागले चौमासिक अवस्थालाई विश्लेषण गर्दा करिब ५ प्रतिशतको हाराहारीमा वृद्धिदर रहेको जानकारी दिए

गत वर्ष पनि यही हाराहारीमा नै थियो

I predicted 5.5% growth for last year. But Yuraj k said, 7%. Now National planning commission is saying it was around 5%.

Looks like, I was correct.

My prediction for this year is, 1.5% less than last year's. Which would be around 4%. And those in power suspect, it is around 4% and yuraj k has been hiding something.

Looks like, data could be wrong, but, your's truly would not. :mrgreen:

I have been joking saying, "second to God". But, looks like, God has not been joking.

If IMF, World bank, ADB had been following me, and published real GDP growth of Nepal, they could have helped save Nepal at least 6 months. If had KP Oli saw real number, he could have made the decision to sack Yuraj k 6 month ago.

If you want to know about Nepal's economy in advance, follow me and only me and it would not just save time also make you look smart. 8)
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Thanks Chutiya ji for your motivation and support.
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2019 Nepal's GDP ~33 kharab
Nepse's Market Cap as of 2/17/2020 ~17 kharab

Nepse is so undevalued. The bull is just a baby now.
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THE RISING SUN JEE......I am also your true admirer for your in depth analysis and overwhelming knowledge of economics and intricate relationships of market supply and demand. At first it was hard for me to grasp what you meant but after few years of reading your posts, now they all make sense. Keep enlightening us with your wisdom. Always grateful to you..
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Thanks, you are the first one to appreciate (hope its not sarcasm). Even my father and brother used to say- timro kura testai ho.. but after NEPSE hit the record it stopped and after it crashed, there were some question marks...... hope my father remembers what I said about a decade ago like- some day electric car will be cheaper than petrol car cause it requires very less parts. I heard, my that prediction will become correct in 2/3 year.

I told my brother that electric toy cars/ RC and real are similar- only difference is quality of parts, size and few extra parts.

I also have said, some day, electric car will be much faster than petrol cause electricity travels faster than wind. Battery is the problem till now. And my cousin laughed. Hope he remembers.

I have made many such predictions.

Thanks to internet, now I can post and later claim, I told you so.

I am not that social so...

By the way, I am a great looking fellow.

Really, grammar??? I thought my problem in language is vocabulary and lazy to read before posting and spelling (thanks to auto correction and google, I am not exposed in this department :mrgreen: ).

I never used to curse, It all started cause of the NEPSE crash, now I cant stop cursing in the road. Hope, it ends after NEPSE breaks the record. ;)

That is why, it is called conspiracy theory. :mrgreen:
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I would like to applaud Rising Ji sincerely for forecasting correctly many of the issues we have been facing in the economy.
Now, I would also encourage Rising Ji to come out of his shell, get a nice hair cut, put on some smart glasses and start writing articles for online business portals. He will definitely have to improve his grammar and stop cussing, but, if he comes out and start making timely economic projections and well formed arguments, may be he can start wider conversations on these serious economic matters. People will definitely be well informed. Overall, a win win for the public.
P.S. He may also have to delete his conspiracy thread if he wants to be taken seriously. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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आर्थिक वृद्धि ६% भन्दा तल झर्दै, तथ्यांक 'छेडछाड',अर्थतन्त्रका लागि आन्तरिक र वाह्य दुवै प्रतिकूल

Remember, I said, during the budget, this year's GDP growth will be around 1.5% less than last year's (7.2%, they said, which also I think is fake).

Now so called, experts are saying today, which I said during analysis of fiscal policy and budget. That is called analyzing policy.

That's natural born expert. Or you can say, second to GOD. :mrgreen:

एक अर्थशास्त्रीले भने- 'हामीले नबुझेर हो| उहाँले किस्ता किस्तामा ढाँटिरहनु भएको छ| हामीले त्यसलाई अर्थमन्त्रीको आत्मविश्वास बढेको भनेर विश्लेषण गरिरहेका छौं :mrgreen:
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केपी ओलीलाई विस्तारै साइड लगाउने प्रचण्डको यस्तो रणनीति

आफूलाई एक्ल्याइँदैछ भन्ने बुझेपछि ओलीले आफ्नो प्रधानमन्त्री पद यसपटक जोगाएका छन्, नेकपा स्रोतले भन्यो

अहिले नेकपाको केन्द्रीय कमिटी र स्थायी कमिटीमा प्रधानमन्त्री ओली अल्पमतमा छन्

आफू अध्यक्ष बनेपछि उपाध्यक्ष वामदेव गौतम, प्रधानमन्त्रीमा माधवकुमार नेपाल र राष्ट्रपतिमा झलनाथ खनाललाई बनाउने आश्वासन प्रचण्डले दिइसकेको स्रोतको दाबी छ

Share market lost 1000 billion and 4 year, in a country whose GDP is 3000 billion. That is a huge loss.

How is people gonna invest when they have lost 1000 billion. How much people could consume when they have lost 1000 billion.

With low investment there is low capacity.

With low consumption, there is over production.

And results economic problem.

All caused by yuraj k and bureaucracy.

Due to yuraj k and bureaucracy, KP Oli is about to be killed and so is communist party. 3 year left for communist to save their vote.

Do they want to go to sati with KP Oli?

Does KP Oli want to go to sati with yuraj k?

Even after learning, economy was in trouble, communist or KP Oli did not fire yuraj k. He is still not fired.

You can win election by lying, but you wont be re elected without brain.

Only I can give you re election victory. Cause I am second to God.
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टेलिकम र आयल निगमको लाभांश जोडेर राजस्व लक्ष्य पुर्‍याइयो

who gives a fk.

all you have to do is fool KP Oli and I am sure he did. Soon, KP Oli may use this as an example of govt success.
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आर्थिक वृद्धिदरमा यसैपालि ब्रेक लाग्न सक्छ !
'चिन्ता लिइहाल्नुपर्दैन' भन्ने थेगो नै भयो

नरबहादुर थापा ----------- He is one of the main or should I say main reason behind liquidity crisis, interest rate crisis, share market crisis, over production crisis, consumer demand crisis and many many

and now he has become sarba gyani.

When he was top official of NRB, when Nepal was going through all crisis, he kept on saying every this is ok, instead of handling them properly. He was more radical in implementing bad monitory policy than the governor.

Sati ko sarap.

He was representing Share market from NRB in SEBON. While in post to save share market, he was always working to destroy share market. ......

...... what kind of a person sits in a position which is suppose to save it but instead keeps on trying to destroy it ......... only person who is born from certain kind of a woman (you all know what I mean, right ;) )

alchina pakhe

sati ko sarap.
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Amazing, so called economic expert, economic enthusiast who has no idea what is happening in the economy in Nepal comments/analyze about Indian economy as if they are the expert of Indian economy or economics!!!!!!!!!

They may wish, somebody outside Nepal would write about economic of Nepal so that they could copy and paste in Nepal's media and social media :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Yuraj k!!!!!! When India reduced their tax a few month ago to kick start their growth, talked about reducing tax in Nepal too. Which still has not happened.

And I read, India will soon reduce next phase of tax again. Yuraj k is all talk and no action- he talked about solving liquidity and interest crisis two year ago. And he has had no idea how to do that.

Yuraj k talked about reducing tax in Nepal when India did a few month ago. And still has not happened in Nepal. And India already working on to reduce second phase of tax reduction.

About Economic slowdown in India- Let the master (I) do the prediction. You just read my comment and prediction and analysis. This economic slowdown and Economic growth in India will bring in permanent lower tax and lower interest rate in India and South Asia and due to low life/brain dead/sarbagyani like yuraj k, Nepal will be too late to react.

Fire Yuraj k and stop yuraj k to waste any more precious time of Nepal.

KP Oli, dont wait for another 3 month, fire yuraj k immediately and save 3 precious month time of Nepal. And make Surendra Panday Finance minister immediately.
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७ दिनमा बैंकहरुको निक्षेप ९ अर्ब बढ्यो, कर्जा लगानी स्थिर

Deposit UP by 9 billion
Loan Up by 0 billion
In a week.

Another problem/failure of Yuraj k, but great for Share market. Now Some BFIs are begging to take share loan. , Interest is down due to base rate down, Plus, to attract customer, some even offering loan at 11.5%, which used to be 16% till a couple of year ago.

Market crashed 20/40% in the name of 16% interest, but when will NEPSE increase 20/40% in the name of down interest????

Finally, data is coming that says, loan demand is low and economy is slowing down. And still, yuraj k is able to fool KP Oli and comreds how economy is doing great.

It would have been great if there was somebody in Nepal who could predict these things 3 year back, 1 year back, 6 month back ....................... Wait I did that. Only I did that.

I predicted this around 6 month back. And Puji bhairab ji been taking about this for weeks too.

This Sharesansar forum has been the only economic analytical site (should be media) in Nepal. Its sad, and still we find sarbagyani, spreading economic gyan in media and social media in Nepal.
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Look at the charts KP Oli:

all the indicators which are suppose to be going up or stay in the same level have crashed during yuraj k's tenure and still he is not fired but those minister who neither have done anything good or anything bad than what has been going on are fired.

This is going to be the longest winter in the life of yuraj k and he will take down a few ministers along with him in falgun.

poor ministers, will be fire cause of unpopularity of KP Oli govt which is the result of the state of the economy cause by, mainly, yuraj k.
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Liquidity to flourish from this quarter....
Disbursement to local levels and contracts....
Hope government spends well before it collects first installment of advance tax....

...Baki Ishwor ko Leela...
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Remittance is down by 5%. That's huge. Only thing that is running positive economy is dead. tic toc Yuraj k. You never told me, what is your contribution on 6/7% GDP growth????

Import down by 10%. I said by the end of the year, import will be slightly up. I could be wrong here, once in a blue moon event. :mrgreen: Nepalese have become poorer under yuraj k and kp oli.

Only good thing in this data is import of Oil is down by 10 billion. But 10 billion in 250 billion is nothing.

Fake Export till last month was Up by 25%. In a month, that growth is down to 14%. In 2/3 month, it could be zero. Every thing is going against yuraj k.

His fake data is no longer protecting him.

Due to weak consumer, our balance of payment is positive. Good for the liquidity. And bank loan demand is down, and when govt spend 100+ billion, bfis will have good liquidity. Bad for the economy, bad for yuraj k, but great for share market.

Its amazing, they talked a lot but still has not deposited govt revenue in BFIs. One thing, even idiot could easily do. If they had, it would have supported GDP growth by around 1%.

Winter is coming!

And yuraj k will die a total failure and he already has destroyed 9 ministers, and he may take down few more along with him when he will be fired in falgun.
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yuraj k increased tax on import and in response india increased tax on import from nepal too.

in the world, most of those countries which export a lot also imports a lot and their import tax is very low too.

kukur batho bhaya pachi gu khancha bhane ko yahe ho.

soon, yuraj k's fake export will nose dive. and will so called experts blame him????
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Imports decline by 10% and Exports up by 14% in first quarter of 76/77;Rs 35 arba duty collected on imports

---- I thought, increase export was a good sign, turned out its all due to palm oil export. They are not using palm export to laundry money are they???

I demand govt provide info on how they calculate GDP, GDP growth???

- Investment down,
- confidence negative
- business says, suffering
- import down
- export growth is suspicious.
- revenue growth down
- remittance growth nil

And still GDP growth 6/7% how come?????
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A new survey from consultancy McKinsey & Co has found that a majority of banks globally may not be economically viable because their returns on equity aren't keeping pace with costs.

When I say it, people may laugh, sad little men may go critic. Now, khaires' talking about it.

Average return of BFIs in Nepal is 25%, which is too low. Those BFIs whose EPS is below 25 should be forcefully merged.


I advised on #6 Fri Oct 04, 2019 1:01 pm

I believe Indian banking crisis would effect Nepal too, and I believe there are not many good economist in India. So to save Nepal, I would like to save indian banks. So how to save banks:

4: Increase profit of Bfis.
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One of the reason, Nepal have been getting 6% growth was huge growth in remittance. It used to grow, what, 10/25%.

Now, growth is zero. What would happen?

Yuraj k or govt had no contribution towards 6% growth, now with zero percentage remittance growth leading to lower GDP growth, how would yuraj k explain.

४ वर्षपछि पहिलोपटक घट्यो रेमिट्यान्स

I blame, bista, labor minister.

When he was hydro minister 7 year ago, we had long load shedding, we still importing a lot of electricity.

alchina bista now has destroyed labor market.


What is banking/money/wealth????

Let's skip basics.

How money is created?

Let's say,

A- deposits 100 money in the bank.

B- borrows 100 money from the bank.

C- gets paid by B 100, which C deposits into the Bank.

Here, new 100 is being created.

What if, we eliminate-

1: A- Those who see economy as black and white- those so called experts in Nepal, social media expert, bhatti ma guff dine haru.......... may say, if there is no A, there is no bank.

But that is not true, if somebody creates credit, or let's say, govt lends money to bank then Bank can exist, and banking system can be created.

So A is really not important.

2: B- B has been targeted, attacked from govt, nrb, bfis, society for last 3 year. What if B is eliminated?

I say, if there is no B, there is no bank, there is no money created, no wealth created, no banking system exists.

Banking system, money, wealth creation is all possible when B, takes loan, and pay the loan to creditors and pay back interest to bank.

Without them, Banking system wont exist. No money is created. We would be living in barter system. Do we want that? NO.

Let's say, can A create money? Let's see,

What if A pays D salary, make payment? Would it creates wealth, money? NO.

Why? A paying D means, A taking out deposit from Bank and paying to D. Means, no more money is created, only there is transfer of money, not money created. No new deposit will increase in Bank.

3: C- C is A here, so C is not important.

Let's talk about Govt? Can govt revenue create wealth? No, why? Govt getting revenue means, somebody taking out deposit and paying to govt, and govt paying means same, taking out deposit and paying to creditor.

So govt, also cant create wealth?

Which makes, borrower God in banking system. Without Borrowers banking system cant work, no wealth/new money is created.

If borrower cant make enough profit, there is no interest payment, no payment to creditors and no money is created, no wealth is created, no economy prosperity. There will be depression. Depositors would loose their deposit.

And there will be liquidity crisis.

And still, borrowers are being targeted by govt, yuraj k, chirinjivi nepal, d governors, bifs, society, social media, so called expert.

I never remember, what I said above, reading in school economic book. Reading comments from govt, yuraj k, chirinjivi nepal, d governors, bifs, society, social media, so called expert------- it is clear non of them knows what I talked about above.

Bankers are so pathetic, there was one ad from NBL recently, which says- dont invest, just deposit money in NBL a/c.
If there is no investor, borrower, there is no banking. And that person behind that ad has become CEO of NBL today. Sati ko sarap.

Yuraj k, chirinjivi nepal said "dont take loan, dont invest, dont take risk....... just deposit money in the bank".

And they are, were Governor of NRB. Sati ko sarap.

I hope, they gave same advise to officials at world bank during their recent visit.

Now, I want my Nobel prize. By the way, those three, who received Nobel prize, do know, what I said above????? From, One line news about them, I think there research was based on donation, freebees. No creating wealth, not making people rich.

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