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Investors Selling Shares In Loss? Or These Type Of Companies Rockets Up When Right Time Comes? A Classic Example From GBLBS

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Bujna Sakincha
- Billions of Borrowerd Funds at cheapest rates due to privilege of govt banks
- Normal EPS is above 48 (Before Liquidity Crisis - At Normal Rate of Interest)
- Have made peaks of 1200+ and maximum number of shares already traded above 900
- Impressive growth

1 - Will further surge IRRESPECTIVE OF MARKET
2 - If market turns green, than this scrip will RISE STEEPLY from this level

....Baki Ishwor Ko Leela....
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Bujhnai nasakine. na divendent deko cha company le, na paid up capital tyeti dherai cha, kati up and down bhako hola. Short term trade garna best company. Aaru yestai company kunai cha??? please suggest me.
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Forecast on June 10 (Even when market was down + When Analysts were silent and negative)
1 - GBLBS will rise (Price was 575 and trading was weak)

Forecast came true. Price rises by 13% in a week time AND REACHED 650+ TODAY.

Forecast on June 13 (When market was down + Analysts were silent and negative)
1 - Heavy Transaction will continue

And each day heavy transactions has continued in a row, without a break until now.

THUS PROVED with precise accuracy

By The Way
1 - These type of essence comes with experience and wisdom of the market
2 - Not with technical analysis or fundamental analysis

....Baki Ishwor Ko Leela.....
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@ Pujibhairab,

Your research and analysis are really valuable and very fruitful for many people including me.
So, please post your research and analysis on regular basis. Dam care about critique.
Please do not hesitate to give the hint for some good script, in the present situation . :) :D :D :D
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See!! Heavy Transactions Continued

All is purely a co-incidence, hahahaha

Still Should surge

......Baki Ishwor Ko Leela...
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I do not advocate any scrip unless there is a particular and serious personal request
Neither I share any insider informations or market schemes (they are confidential)

I only share things what appears based on everything particularly fundamentals

"It is a pure coincidence that GBLBS increased after this post despite market wasnt performing well ;)
Because it was bound to increase based on other factors

I just research and analyse and attempt to see things with calm mind and as much as possible clarity

More heavy transactions will come in upcoming days

....Baki Ishwor Ko Leela...
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GBLBS ??? आज २३ हजार भन्दा बढी कित्ता को कारोबार, ५० प्रतिसत भन्दा बढी एउटा ब्रोकर ले मात्र खाको छ ? केहि बिसेष छ जस्तो छ |
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Change the Concept About Government Companies
1 - RBB is top most commercial banks
2 - NBL is topmost commercial bank too
3 - Grameen Bikas Laghubitta is also strong MFI and is/will be topmost. (This will carry all the task of microfinaning as mentioned in the budget. Will get loans (in billions) from the government at cheap rates).

....Baki Ishwor Ko Leela...
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Despite of all strong fundamentals ,no one trust the government owned company .
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Between 28/02/2016 to 7/06/2018 - Time of 2 Years & Over 3 Months

Before FPO (paid up shares was 9,96,026 Shares)
1 - 29,03,886 Shares were traded WHILE the company paid up shares was 9,96,026 Shares
2 - Over 18,00,000 shares were traded above 900
2- This Proves that all the shares before FPO was already bought & sold above Rs 900

After FPO (FPO was 9,75,000 Shares)
1 - 13,37,015 Shares were traded of which around 4 lakh kitta is traded above 700 and 3.8 lakh above 650 to 700 and 3.6 lakh 600 to 650 and around 1 lakh between 500 to 600 and 0.6 lakh or 60,000 units between 400 to 500.

1 - All the shares are traded above 750 in average
2 - People have paid CASH for all the traded shares which is multiple times of its existing capital. This is Big Thing when all public shares have been bought and sold at HARD CASH.
3 - 750 + Cost of Carrying (Interest Cost Etc.) makes the selling price even higher

1- Right Shares must come to meet capital adequacy and to come to industry level as National Level MFI have already reached 100 crore limit
2- National level MFI with Large Branch and network
3 - Improving Financial Statements & Profitability

1- Is investors selling their stocks at loss?
2 - Fundamental is good enough and P.E Ratio quite low when compared to that of MFI Industry. These type of companies rockets up when a even a minor sentiments builds up?

........Baki Ishwor Ko Leela......
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