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101 Task Oli has to complete or start within 3 year

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सरकारले सुझाव मान्छ, दबाब मान्दैनः ओली
मरेर जाँदा केही लान पाइन्न भन्ने ख्याल गर्नुस्

One cant take Share with them after life, but can cash :twisted:

PM oli, they are not collecting loot for later life, they are accumulating wealth to take along with them to Australia.

1: Bring back capital punishment
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मन्त्री र सचिवहरुलाई प्रधानमन्त्रीको निर्देशन परिवार चल्मलाउलान्, ध्यान दिनुस्

There is no greater manipulation in other sector like in NEPSE. Manipulation, corruption is the main reason NEPSE lost more than 800 arab withing 18 months, hope Oli takes it seriously and end the blood bath of public.

Yeta syal karaundai cha, uta bakhra haraudai cha.

Am I the only one who sees the connection?

Some are talking about 900/1000 NEPSE.

Could it be possible that NEPSE has to fall down to 900/1000 so that these people can buy back- मन्त्री र सचिवहरुलाई प्रधानमन्त्रीको निर्देशन परिवार चल्मलाउलान्, ध्यान दिनुस्.

Remember, these people have India connection and those spreading fear also have India connection.

Dont have any doubt, In US, if you can pin point, even around 10%, about the exact mark of Stock exchange's mega crash or super gain with certain time frame, big investors in US would be more than willing to pay more than a billion. (Remember, there are brilliant experts who have been predicting super crash in US for decades now, they cant predict in US, who could kicked out can predict in Nepal)

So what is GOD like personalities are doing in "Shi# Hole" like Nepal?

They are not just killing innocent Nepalese every day, they are challenging Oli rule too, and spitting on the face of biddwan Dr.Yuraj K.
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kp oli is like we who seeks dreams but yet to fulfill. Kp oli is never a intellectual person, he needs guidance what economy and development is? i won't mind saying kp oli as a day dreamer...but yet he needs much hard work and findings
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To prevent wasting time, Oli should hire state finance minister to look after area where Finance minister Yurak K is week like- share market, banking ,market economy etc and we will know his other weakness as time passes.

That finance minister should have latest education, intelligent and smart.
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Like I said before, which I still believe, Nepal will be developed in Oli's time but that development will be cause of Nepalese and China.

That day, dont make a mistake by giving credit to Yuraj K. He can only make matter worse not good. All he will do is distribute money to Oli's voters. That's all.

Yuraj k is dumb, self righteous like baburam with outdated views. Oli needs to tame Yuraj K.
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Growth ra Development ko difference chhuttauna nasakney hamra neta
neta pani kasta bhaney garney bela kehi na garney .. marney bela sabai garna khojney
hamro desh ko lagi suhauney ek jana bidwan le bhaney ko"Government is not corrrupt .. it is formed for corruption"
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In civilized world, they hold emergency meeting over (they have close working group) security, stock market, natural calamity/disease and probably banking sector too.

There are other many sectors which are important too but there is no emergency meeting called for them- like education, development - over night, cause they can wait tomorrow morning.

But they call emergency meeting called and has close working group for banking ,stock market too cause if you don deal with them immediately, things could go out of hand. And small threat will lead to big crisis.

that is what happened to NEPSE, when NEPSE crashed below 1500 more than a year ago and made decision like increasing margin loan, giving extra margin to margin call, introduced market maker etc ( which they could have done over night), Investors would not have lost confidence in NEPSE, in govt authority.

भारतमा जस्तै राष्ट्रिय सुरक्षा सल्लाहकार राख्ने प्रधानमन्त्रीको तयारी

Add more working group for - stock market, banking and natural calamity/disease.
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सेयर बजार उत्पादनशील क्षेत्र कि अनुत्पादक ? यस्तो बोल्छ तथ्य

- sharemarket is neither productive sector nor unproductive sector.

Share market is the place through where we invest in business. If we buy govt bond which govt used it on unproductive then buying that bond becomes unproductive, if we invest on hydro share then it becomes productive and if there is over investment in hydro sector then it becomes dangerous sector.

It time to totally talk about weather sharemarket is productive sector or unproductive sector.

This is why Oli needs to gather adviser with latest mindset.

Let's say, A sells X company to B for 100, And B sells X to C for 100, and C sells X to D for 100.
Yuraj bau, do the math. How much money went to X share.

Answer is 100, Not, 400. Our alu economist like yuraj think investor wasted 300 in company X, but that is not the case, no money is waster, X company needed 100, so only 100 is invested in X, not 400.

This makes share market neither productive not unproductive sector. It is just a place ,where ownership is changed. If share market is far more important than putting money in the bank, It creates more job. Money in the bank could go into waste like unnecessary import but not in the case of share market.

China was about to tighten their credit policy cause too much loan went to so called productive sector, but they postponed it cause due to development in US, tightening of credit could lead to sharemarket collapse.

Look, just to protect China postponed passing tighter credit policy. Does yuraj k thing, chinese prolicy maker are inferior than Yuraj k? that they think stock market is more important , same stock market which out brilliant yuraj k thinks is not important???

Do you know why China need to tighten credit policy? to reverse over investment in so called productive sector like steel industry.

In Nepal too, we have over capacity like in noodle industry, and govt wants to invest freely in industry.

sharemarket is neither productive sector nor unproductive sector.
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What ever we say they won't listen to our Ideas Dear. They have put Oil in their Ear.

They need the young breed of adviser; Especially the New Generation ??? what they think and what they want ??? What kinds of things they like. I mean he need to understand the Young Nepal Behavior. B'coz they are the future of the Nation and they are going to lead the Nation. Not Like Yuva Neta who is almost near to the age of retirement.

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

They need to Invest on Young Brains else they will keep on going to US,Canada & Australia.

Instead of investing big in Infrastructure they should invest in Human Resource Development.

Smart Citizen will make the Country itself Smart.

I will give you a small example :-

1. Some NGO & INGO has taught people about their Fundamental & Citizen Rights ??? In his whole life he learnt only about that. He was never taught how to do Effective & effective agriculture, Handy-crafts, Polytechnic works, Small and medium engineering works, etc. etc.

When he goes to the Job market he cannot do anything apart for being a union leader or party associates or so on. what he taught his subordinate how to do tala bandi , how to call off a strike, How to increase wages, become sade (Bull ) and company bhade ( broken close almost to closure ). why an Investor will invest in a company if these scenario happens. Despite of being lucrative business opportunity he don't want to take these kind of risk for business.
He says Fixed Deposit bata Tension free Paisa aayi ra xa kena taoko dukhani lina paryo or he chooses a channel of hundi or hawala to make his invest-able fund to invest elsewhere beyong Nepal. there we see a Capital flight .

Foreign investment ko kura tah xadi dinus local fund pani bides ko gantaybay tirah lagnu prayas garxa.

We need to Develop a strong work culture. If there are skilled and good people Many company will setup industry.

Bhancham ni if Keti ma Sundarta, Sushilta ra sahansialta ko Gun Xa bhani Xori Magni horu ko kami hudena Ramro ramro ek se ek keta haru ko family le keti ko haath xora ko lagi magna aaunxa irrespective of what financial status her family is.

We need to Develop a strong Work culture. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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iRightly says Rising Sun ji ,If the hydropower shares not valued in stock market , no one
invest even in IPO . Then how can develop the present FM to the nation ?.He seems stupid
and against nation building. Those who think to develop nation without developing
nation's stock market ,either he is outdated or serving the interest of westner to
collepse the hydropower potential of nation.
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यद्पी हामी विकासोउन्मुख क्रममा अघि बढ्दाखेरि थप पूँजी परिचालन गर्नुपर्ने हुन्छ।आन्तरिक पूँजीले मात्रै बचत निक्षेप अलि बढी परिचालन गरेर या रेमिटेन्स अलि बढी ल्याएर मात्रै पुग्दैन।हामीले अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय बजारबाट पनि पूँजी विस्तारै प्रवेश गराएर यो समस्या समाधान गर्न सक्छौं।र,दोस्रो कुरा चाँही जति पूँजी हामी त्यसरी परिचालन गर्छौं त्यो फेरी उही घरजग्गा,शेयर मार्केटमा र त्यही अटोमोबाइलमा र त्यही उपभोक्तामा लगानी गर्यौ भने त्यसको केही पनि अर्थ रहँदैन।

त्यसैले कुनै क्षेत्र विशेषमा कडार्इ गर्ने भन्दा पनि समग्र अर्थतन्त्रको सिमित साधनलार्इ उत्पादन क्षेत्रमा कसरी लगाउने भन्ने कुरा हो।

- He wont tighten any sector, he will try to mobilize resource into so called productive sector.

big daddy and company may try to manipulate sunday's market.

- I would like to tell Oli, that yuraj K may be the best FM Nepal ever got, but his has a lot of problem and his education is out dated.

So Oli needs to form a close working group who would communicate with Oli time to time regarding economy, finance etc.

- China focused on only export (so called productive sector) decades ago. They realize, it is not enough to make China economic superpower.

Then later China been focusing on infrastructure which they realized, is not enough to drive economy.

Today, China is trying hard to create domestic economy/consumer based economy to become economic superpower.

One of the reasons, China has been investing heavily in neighborhood, africa is to create market also.

- Yuraj k is out dated person, who grew reading books about agriculture. Later me must have read book about China, India investing a lot in Infrastructure, May be that is why he has focused on Infrastructure too lately.

His mentality is still outdated, Oli need to form close working group to country yuraj k's weakness.

- Russia is handful of big economy whose balance of payment is positive while UK has far bigger economy than Russia has but UK's balance of payment is in Negative. To counter enemy like UK on economy, Russia has been working on increasing their Economy size, for this they are building Cities, Stock market.

To increase economic size, China is also building their stock market.

- export, balance of payment, market, economy etc are all needed to build or run a country. But our yuraj k 's old mentality does not understand the importance of market, economy. That is why Oli needs to gather new breed of advisers to tackle these problems.

- Some body tell yuraj K, if he invest all in so called productive sector, who will consume the product produced by so called his productive sector.

- I am not a big fan of car loan, so I want limit in car loan. But If Nepal had produced Car, I would have supported car loan.

- Every country gives importance to their housing sector. But their govt. works on to make sure their housing sector dont over invest, or under invest. Nepal govt should also give importance to housing loan, but prevent under or over investment, letting housing loan go free or too much tightening is not the right move. But Yuraj K is negative towards housing sector. that's cause he is not good enough economist and stubborn. Oli has to counter his weakness.

- Stockmarket is the must to gather public's money, saving, to strengthen economy. Showing negative attitude towards share market is simply dumb. Oli needs to check Yuraj K. Share market should be stable and open to every body. Investor needs to invest as per fundamentals not fear or manipulation and govt has to make sure there is no manipulation or fear in trader.

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22: Ask help from Russia to modernize intelligence agency of Nepal
29: Form new intelligence agencies to watch an eye on- finance(VAT/financing anti Nepal activity/money laundering etc), nationalism

गृह अन्तर्गतको राष्ट्रिय अनुसन्धान विभाग अब प्रधानमन्त्री मातहत
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9: Complete all the ongoing modernization of NEPSE including making NEPSE stable using market maker within 6mt

if #$%# in finance minister, NEPSE, Sebon, NRB really want to save public investment aka NEPSE aka share market using market maker, following could be the formula:

POTENTIAL MARKET MAKERS: pension funds, BFIs reserve they cant distribute, army/police fund, hydro projects fund, insurance fund etc.
Tell them, if they have already invested in shares they can sell them, but to buy/invest they can only invest as market maker if not @%@% off and they have to sign a deal/have contract with SEBON.
Hydro and BFIs can use reserve, insurance can use certain percent of their fund.

BUYING/SELLING POINT: There should be a formula where they can buy and sell and that formula should be PE ratio which should be determined considering average interest rate of bfis and average growth for three year of the company.

Let's take A class company (they should only be able to invest in A class company) whose average growth is 25% for last three year::::

Stop selling PE ratio- 30 below

Compulsory buying if they have money to invest PE ratio-20 below

Freely Buy and sell PE ratio- 31-50

Stop buying PE ratio- 50 above

Compulsory selling PE ratio-70 above

If those market makers need to sell outside the PE ratio, they should take permission from Sebon. If average growth falls below 1/3 of average, all of a sudden, they can sell.

In US, if institutional investors sell to crash market, CIA would kill them.
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6: Solve Banking Crisis (deposit govt revenue in saving account)

The main reason behind liquidity crisis is Govt is raising more and more tax while not spending it. Depositing such revenue in the BFIs can solve liquidity crisis created by bureaucrats so lesser people will raise voice against bureaucrat for not able to spend development budged, which is being focused due to liquidity crisis.

Here is how, Govt can solve it and its rule of engagement:
1: In first phase/trial phase, auction 150 billion for saving account.

2: Choose at least 15/20 Bfis- Banks and dev banks.

3: Auction 3/5 billion at a time, those who buy it should buy whole. Then when there is no longer bidding for hole amount, then let them bid for lesser amount but offer 3/5 billion. Bid it for 15/20 times. Till bidding reach 15/20 times, tell, single bfi cant bid twice. After 15/20 times is crossed, them bfis can bid as many times as they want till 150 billion is sold. (more bidding after result is studied, bidding should be in quarterly basis)

4: The contact should be for 1 year and interest rate should not be changed.

5: One Bfi should not bid for more than 2 times of their capital for 6 month and 4 times of their capital for 1 year.

5: Those participating Bfis should be in profit for at least 4 year and book value should be more than 110.

5: Form a committee, whose tenure should be for 2 year, whose job should be to keep on studying the impact of putting govt revenue in saving account and make changes in rule in weekly basis. They should be proactive.

6: After depositing 150 billion in saving account, govt should spend money up to 100 billion from saving account only and study its impact. And make changes in rules when needed.

7: If depositing in saving account has more of a positive impact than negative. Then conduct such auction in quarterly basis and put all money in saving account.

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24: Ask Korea to help develop anti corruption law and train human resource

SKorean prosecutors demand 30 years for ex-president Park
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31: Manage foreign currency from FDI, Foreign Loan
32: Reservoir to supply water during dry season for run of the river hydro project
33: 50 jets for NAC in 10 year
34: Merge govt education institution
35: End political union in education, bureaucracy, law, media etc
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बलिया प्रतिस्पर्धीलार्इ पाखा लगाउँदै युवराज खतिवडा अर्थमन्त्री निश्चित, इश्वर पोखरेल आउट

अर्थतन्त्र अप्ठेरो मोडमा रहेका बेला उनको नियुक्तिले अर्थतन्त्रलाई 'लिक' मा ल्याउन सहज हुने र विकास निर्माणका लागि आवश्यक पर्ने पर्याप्त स्रोत जुटाउन सहज हुने ओलीको अनुमान

खतिवडाले घरजग्गामा अधिक ऋण प्रवाह भएका कारण 'लिक' वाहिर गइसकेको अर्थतन्त्रलाई ट्र्याकमा ल्याएका थिए।
- i did not respect him when he was governor. I respected him after current governor became governor.
Previous liquidity crisis was due to housing crisis. To solve the crisis, he loosen some rule like CD ratio connected with housing sector, injected money to complete housing projects, Loosen Non performing loan rule etc.
Unlike that crisis, current liquidity crisis is cause Nepal's economy is doing too good. If current governor had addressed liquidity crisis during early stage, things would have been better.

Cause of incompetency of current governor, somehow, respect for Dr.yuran k arose.

सेवा क्षेत्रको विकासमा पनि खतिवडाको जोड छ।

। औषधिजस्ता अत्यावश्यक उद्योग राज्यले चलाउनु पर्ने मान्यता राख्ने डा. खतिवडा नेपाल टेलिकमजस्ता संस्थाहरुलाई निजीकरण गर्नु पर्ने मान्यता राख्छन्।
-Medicine business is all about research. NTC should be privatized but to whom it should be sold- to some business man or to some criminal is the question??

Now task to Oli will be, to make sure, yuraj k dont cross the limit while trying to micro manage Nepal. And build close relation with many experts, think tank and diversify the idea rather than putting whole responsibility in the hand of Yuraj K.
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25: Build east west highway in between mid highway and terai

मेची-महाकाली जोड्ने चौथो विकल्प: १२ सय किलोमिटरको चुरे राजमार्ग
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First to appoint a visionary Adviser for Himself who can suggest him the Correct ideas and strategies.

Who are not run by emotional but by logic and work in the best Interest of the Nation.

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increase in deposit intrest is bad of economy, if they dont know this then they are plain stupid. :mrgreen:
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Oli needs to fire and replace, immediately, governors and other high ranking NRB bureaucrats.

They are dumb as .... (i dont know what, I cant say rock cause rock cant make decision that would harm you).

बचत र मुद्दतीको ब्याज अन्तर इतिहासमै सबैभन्दा कम
राष्ट्र बैंक भन्छ: हाम्रो सफलता !

Increment in saving account interest is worst than fixed deposit. Cost of operating saving account is very high for BFIs, CBL, KBL are ran by dumb CEOs and directors.

Share holders should dumb these two BFIs.

Ultimately, not just borrower, but depositor will pay cause of this. Dont be surprised if banks will start to charge for Cheque, charge to withdraw or deposit money in SA if this goes on.


Let me give an example of oli industry.

If oli industry dont check price of oli, and price go too high new supplier will enter the market. Then there will be too much capacity. And when price reach peak, no longer consumer be able to afford, then supplier will increase production and price will crash. Crash will be so high, many supplier will go bankrupt then price will go way high again.

Which means, inflation and deflation will no longer be in the control of the govt. Capital invested in the oli industry will go waste which will harm society, country.


So, Oli should fire/replace governor and save Nepal, save nepali society, BFIs, customer, depositor, economy.

Fire governor, save nepal.
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I think the task need to done.

1. Should Bring in Investor Friendly Policy.
2. Should Kick off Disinvestment Policy like Disinvestment of NOC, NEA, NTC, STC and many Hydro Power Company.
3. Should able to bring in More FDI in sectors such as Aviation,infrastructure, Transportation, Telecom, Hydro Carbon, Mines and Minerals, Hydro Power, Agriculture, Tourism, etc. Its not just about Investment commitment by Investor but actual investment Happening in Real. ( Main focus should be on IRON & STEEL & CEMENT Industries they are the main back bone for the development in Nation // BY providing these industry the Subsidy, Soft Loan, Lower Tax slab, Tax holiday for few years, FDI limit up to 100% )

4. New Ways to reduce the huge BOP deficit.
5. Should focus on new avenues for Tax Collection // No leakage on collection of TAX. 8)
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21: Sign cooperation deal with Russia to turn Nepal into organic village withing 10 year
22: Ask help from Russia to modernize intelligence agency of Nepal
23: Get help from Russia or China in training army/apf to convert vehicles into armored vehicle
24: Ask Korea to help develop anti corruption law and train human resource
25: Build east west highway in between mid highway and terai
26: Build small cities in hills and relocate 25lakh
27: Build the wall in India border :D
28: Build 500-1000m breadth wetland and 1/2km thick jungle parallel to India border
29: Form new intelligence agencies to watch an eye on- finance(VAT/financing anti Nepal activity/money laundering etc), nationalism
30: Introduce three VAT rates- .15, 15, 35%
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ढुकुटीको साँचो कुर्दै एमालेका चार भाई, कस्लाई रोज्लान् ओलीले ?

Who will be FM is less important than who will be their real advisers not paid advisers. Paid advisers will be their karyakarta.
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11: Buy 2/4 Tunnel digging machines which can dig 2 & 3 lane road for Army for road and irrigation/hydro.
12: Transform local and central elected govt into effective and efficient and save cost.
13: Introduce referendum system including referendum using mobile phone.
14: Start many bheri-babai like multi projects.
15: Buy 1000+ APC/Tanks for army/police/apf
16: Buy drones for army
17: Start Quantitative Easing
18: Decrease personnel in police, army, apf and increase reserve for army and apf
19: Turn police into investigating force and give muscle job to apf
20: Turn Nepal into financing hub like Hongkong by developing Share market (open to the whole world) and introducing financial rule of law.

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